Night Thirteen wrap up

For the majority of the remaining night, the gathered Invictus talk out what to do next to rid themselves of Vern. As far as they’re concerned, he has no hope of continuing as leader of this city. The club, though not large, has enough safe places for all of the gathered kindred to stay for the day. Even so, many of the old kindred leave, to go back to their havens.

At the warehouse, a large amount of the Carthian Movement from the city, are gathered and talking about what to do next as Vern has now crossed the line of no redemption. Though the warehouse is safe for the day, many of the better established head out for their own havens. Judy stays to keep the trust of many of the younger in the movement, as not to let them go off the path too far. Everyone is given space to sleep for the day as many of the group talk, until the last minutes of the night, about what to do in the nights to come.

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