Night Thirteen

Again, this is all for story movement. It has taken some work to get it all out and it is quite long, but hopefully it is enough. As I am not going to have time to flesh out the previous courts I am going to post the outlined information I think it will be enough for my players to get the feel of what has been going on. Night Thirteen is the forth court held, after Vern took power…

First court after Vern took power…
Many of Jacob’s loyalists make comment about him stepping down
Carthians don’t accept Vern’s authority
Many of the younger vampires need to be removed before getting out of hand
Primogen council meeting canceled due to the unrest
Many elders are not happy with the handling of the unrest and the canceled meeting

Second court
Carthians have their own meeting in another place
Most of the younger vampires are deemed too restless to enter the open court
More elders are not happy with the change in policy
Primogen meeting is held with a stand-in for the carthian member
Stand-in sent out of meeting – being told the Carthians no longer have a seat

Third court
Starts without many kindred from the city
No unaligned are let in
All Carthians are made to stand in back
Derrick Coverstone leaves before primogen meeting, in protest of the closing of court
Carthians riot in celebration, when he leaves, and hurt a few of Vern’s guards

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