Night Seventeen

Everyone wakes up for the night. Hugh looks around the place and lets one of the servants know that he was leaving for awhile. Gracey wakes beside Paul and tells him good evening. Paul smiles and kisses Gracey and tells her he is going for a shower. This leaves her to get dressed and check her cell phone for messages. Not finding any she goes to the living room to wait on Paul.

Victoria waking in her haven goes and checks on what has been coming into her e-mail box. Most of it is junk of course, but there is a message from Riley to have her call back to set up a meeting. She makes a call to him to find out what he needs a meeting for. Over the phone he tells her that he needs to talk with her and her new “friends”. Riley gives her the chance to set the time and place for this meeting. Victoria goes with “Altered Currents” bar some time after midnight. Riley tells her that he can make that and hangs up. After getting off the phone with Riley Victoria calls Paul, not getting an answer she calls Christian. After letting Christian in on the plan she has him try and call Paul while she calls James, Hannah, Gracey, and Hugh. They are mostly short conversation as they all just go with it. Gracey checks to see if Paul has herd the news and if he is will to give her a ride. (This has conversation with it that does not have anything to do with the game.) Paul had found out that Hugh was no longer at his place and thinks to see if anyone else has called him to tell him.

(At this point in time Hugh and I were off role-playing out him talking with his sire, so they got off on a tangent that included, more the one, animal impressions. That had nothing to do with nature and everything to do with, my players have, sick and twisted minds, and views of the Hugh character. They also joke about the recording and how I get to laugh at it went I play it back and here it. They crack a few jokes about the fact that they get more done without me in the room then they do with me there. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t true. After about five minutes of this we get back to the room with the normal amount of heckling. This is why having the night recorded is so much fun. Damn people and wanting dates, October 26th.)

Gracey feels that they have time for a quickie, and Paul doesn’t disagree, so they take care of that and then get clean up again after that. Paul finds his package that he had been waiting for. (I was giving him the information about what was in it while the rest of the group talks about the ride over as one of them got a motorcycle ride over this night. It degenerates into conversions not fit for this web space.) After wrapping this up Paul and Gracey head out to pick up Christian. Victoria arrives at the club and takes a seat at a table near the back. The rest of them arrive shortly there after. I ask Gracey to what see was wearing as a way of passing a little time as a switch into the Riley persona.

(They go off on a tangent about this for about five minutes. Then I call a taint check for when Riley enters and starts towards the table. One of the players fails this check as she rarely engages in anything other then combat while we play I had hoped that this would provoke reaction, it did not.)

I give the players a short description of Riley. Riley is a tall figure with hands more like claws and dress down in jeans and a flannel shirt. Victoria greats him, followed by the rest of the table. Riley makes notice of each in turn with respect paid to those he had any regards for. He also makes mention of the fire at the “Shit Hole” and how this is beginning to be a bad habit for the group of them, after Paul figures out some of the back story given away by Riley’s actions. Riley starts to lay out what has been happening in the passed few days after court. He starts with the facts of Vern being drunk with power and the Invictus feeling that he must be stopped, to that end they have teamed up with the Carthians. This distasteful arrangement means that they need everyone’s help. One of Vern’s lackeys, Dalia Pestage needs to be found to lead them to Vern. The problem being that she has left her known hang-outs and is in hiding, most of the rest of the Invictus and Carthians have bigger problems to deal with, or they are to well known to find anything out. This, and the fact they have been hanging out so much, is why he was sent to get them on her trail. Riley doesn’t have a lot on Dalia to give them just, as part of the sanctified she has done a lot of business for Vern and they hope to get information about her. Dalia an older looking woman, whom is heaver set being 5’4” and about 140 pounds. Riley tells them about her old haven and that she has been keeping offices in the same office building that this mess started in and this was the last place she was seen at. Riley makes it a clear point that she is needed alive though anyone with her is expendable. This makes Paul happy, as Paul asks questions to clarify the point as the rest agree with the course to find Dalia. Riley lets on that they don’t have reliable information about all areas of the city. They start to talk with each other and Riley gets bored with them and walks off into the club looking for some one. Paul feels that he need to feed before going on with the task at hand. Paul does ask Victoria to see if Riley has any more information that he did not want to share with the whole group. Riley talks to Victoria about the time table that has been worked out. Riley also talks about how they are working on putting Vern under control rater then destroying him. Riley goes over Victoria and the group’s ability to find things that they were not suppose to. Victoria tells the group about the limited time and that they should head on out to Dalia’s haven.

Paul tells her to wait just a short time for him to take care of business. He goes out on the floor and starts to dance with the toys. This makes Gracey a little on edge about his. After Paul gets back to the table and they head out to the townhouse.

As soon as they get to the townhouse Hannah goes right to the door and picks the lock. As they enter Paul takes charge and tells Victoria to see if there is a computer around, Gracey follows Victoria to the office. James is asked to watch the back door, while Hannah is told to keep an eye on the front. Paul and Christian find the door to the basement to take a look around there.

Victoria boots up the computer and starts to look at files. The first information that she finds looks a garbled and doesn’t mean anything. As she works harder to find things, she starts to pull out financial records with listings of a hotel that was acquired recently just outside of the LaGuardia airport. The records also list four purchases with in Queens. She finds maintenance records for the apartment building they had stop by many days ago.

Gracey goes to work on the file cabinets, getting them unlocked quickly, finding only empty file folders. Gracey in looking over the folders and other papers with in the room find that they come from many of the different hotels in town, she takes notes of them. Gracey noticed that a cabinet is missing. She finds with this inspection a package of files on other Kindred like those that she needed to return to Enos. As it also contained 2 video tapes that she starts to look for a player for. Finding the camera with a dead battery, she starts off to find Paul with in the house.

Paul, Christian, and Hugh finding the door to the basement locked, take a quick look to see how to get through the door. Hugh feels that a good shoulder blow will do the trick. Hugh backs up a step and hits the door, sending it down the steps and into the door below opening that one also. In the basement they find two sparely furnished rooms. These room look like the only use for them was integration. Upon closer inspection on the rooms they find a few clamps, a hammer, a badly dented aluminum bat, fragments of a wooden bat, and a large knife. Paul looking to see what else maybe in this basement pulls up a block of the floor to find sewer access.

Gracey finding them downstairs, asks if Paul can play these tapes at his place, this will not be a problem. She also mentions that it is getting late into the night. Paul places the block back and they head out. Gracey asks to stay with Paul, and Hugh heads for the Carthian safe house.

Victoria leaving the office after doing what she could with the files starts to look over the rest of the house. Looking through the house she finds that it is well furnished and kept. She also finds an open wall safe and a few paintings that could bring in some money. Looking through the desks in other rooms, she finds keys that don’t fit anything in the townhouse. As she discovers this she sees that everyone is heading out. Looks at the time and leaves with them.

Like most time I have it happen they make it back to their havens with time and settle in for the day.

A lot happen on this night, and more is coming soon.

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