For those of you who want it, here is a post of the edits that Ken has just made. If you check on the web site, for the next few days at least, you will be able to find the changes. Enjoy.

Night Two

Ok, time for night two of this little ordeal of ours. Some events might have changed places, as I could not find the order of them happening on the recordings and I am trying to go by the in-game nights, not the play nights.

We arrive at the gaming location and do the weekly life update. Although this night was a little different, as one in the group had his birthday the day before. There was a nice meat and cheese tray on the table, as well as a tin of mixed nuts. Last time we had played, I was totally unprepared for the game. This time, I had a start on some ideas that could be interesting during the game. The characters all gather at Paul’s sire’s home, via the limousine. (I am starting to not like that choice. Later, it starts to show how bad of a choice it was.) They talk about the fact that they have not seen their sires for a few nights (That’s my fault for not having them ready). Then, the choice is made to go back to the office building and investigate the explosion that chased them out of it, yesterday. They return to the building and find it intact. They all enter and start back to the office where they had the meeting. They take a quick look around and find little that seems out of place, in the office. Most of the group; Paul, Gracey, James, Hannah, and Victoria, head downstairs to see if they can find the source of the explosion. Christian starts to wander the halls on the upper floors to see if he can find anything. (He will not, because I have little idea what else would be there). After looking for a while, he heads back down to the limousine.

They find themselves in the basement were they can hear some work being done. They search it out and see a couple of welders repairing a steam line. They sneak by the welders, to look in the area for anything else out of place. They get to the end of the hall where there is another set of stairs leading up and out. (As marked by the EXIT sign.) James (The one person who has played some V:tM in the past.) tells everyone to be still and quiet. He then activates “heightened senses” and takes a look around. James notices that a door in the hall seams to be out of place. They all wander down to this door and Paul is the first to barge in. (Paul and James both do a Predator’s Taint check as they enter, and pass.) They enter and find a storage room with a staked vampire in it, along with some boxes. James starts to look around the room and finds some evidence of a fight. Paul calls out to Victoria and Gracey to come take a look at the room. While they make up their minds to come into the room, James has found a few boxes with addresses on them, taking note of one that is from a residential area in town, with a familiar name and a piece of cloth with M M written on it. Victoria enters the room. (She passed the roll.) Looking around, she does not see much, other than a beat-up, staked, vampire. Gracey attempts to enter the room and starts to run away, screaming (Rolled Failed), down the hall, drawing the attention of guards (Er, I mean – welders. I kept calling them guards during the game, when they were, in fact, the welders from earlier.). Well, James takes off after her, the other two try, but aren’t quick enough and get caught by the welders. Victoria glares at one of them and commands him to sleep (using dominate, of course). This guard (welder) goes into a dazed state. Paul jumps the other guard (welder) and proceeds to beat the piss out of him. Before he kills the poor guy, Victoria yells to him that they need to go. They meet up with Christian, James, and Gracey at the limousine and head on out. In the limousine, James tells them about the address and the cloth, so Paul has the driver go to that address.

At the apartment complex, James gets out and looks at the buzzer panel. He finds one with the name he thought he knew, M. Manson, and got buzzed in without a word. He goes to the apartment number and checks the door. It’s unlocked. He enters the apartment just in time to have some young lady start screaming at him. With a few quick words, he backs out the door and goes down to the limousine. They head back to their havens, via the limousine, and while doing this, they talk about what has happened to them, so far.

Ok, that’s one more night down; a few more to go. At this rate, I might get them done before we stop playing vampire. 🙂 . Still kind of wordy, though. I had hoped to compress more, but I still like including as much detail as I feel does justice to the game.

Night Four

So, here it is: Another wonderful gaming night! Well, Hugh didn’t make it this time – had something to do with being the “best man” at a wedding in Las Vegas. Anyway, we start them off at home, just waking up from their daily rest. A few more of them decide that it would be a good night to feed. Victoria, Paul, James, and Christian all feel it is time to go on the hunt. I give them their respective rolls and tell them what they get. So now, with that over, they all decide that going back to the office building would be a good thing to do. So there goes the limousine, out and about, to pick every one up and take them back to the office building. They all waltz right in and go up to the meeting room that this all started in. They all start to look around the office. (Wits + Larceny) This let them find the hidden filing cabinets and they gained what little information there was, off of the desk blotters. A quick Dexterity + Larceny check for one of them to pop open the file cabinets and Intelligence + Larceny or Intelligence + Investigation, which gives different information. The Larceny roll could produce other information sources. Those needed an extraordinary success that no one got. They discovered files on various people, including their sires, a few other key players, and some building blueprints with addresses. (See NPC page) This was good enough for most of them, but Paul decided that he needed to do one more thing . He enlists the help of Christian and heads for the basement, as the rest of them take files out to the limousine. Once down there, they grab the body that has held some fascination for him and drag it out a side door to the limousine. Into the trunk it goes, which makes the others in the limousine ask them what they think they’re doing. He placates them with something to the effect of “it’s my limousine. If you don’t like it, walk!” In the limousine, they talk a little about what they found in the office. (What little I could tell them as I did not have much of that information ready, yet. Does there seem to be a pattern forming?) They head for Paul’s place. When they get there, Paul find his sire, Dianna and asks if she knows who the body is. She informs him that it is Jeff Orbrock, the prince’s first childe. Then, she goes on to tell him that he needs to take care of that trash. Paul asks Christian to help him move the body into the garage to hide it. After that, they all go inside to talk some more about their findings at the office. James calls in a favor from one of his contacts (City Engineer), to see if he can discover who the owners of the blueprints are. This, of course, leads to leavening a message, due to the time of night. Gracey talks the rest of them into giving her the files, so the she can read them over. (I still don’t have a clue why this worked, but hey – I’m just a storyteller.)
We run out of useable time in the evening, so I “call it” with them all getting rides home from the damn limousine. A little chatter later and we head for home, ourselves.
’till next time.

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