Dianna Harlow

Mekhat Invictus

Dianna has been able to climb the ladder in the Invictus due to good looks and the willingness to punish those that get in her way. As a lower member of the covenant, she had a great deal of responsibility. As she has moved up over time, she has been able to maintain a high level of respect for getting things done. She had been feeling a bit stagnated in the recent years and wants to move high in the covenant. After slipping up and making Paul, she knew that the current state would not let her get what she wanted and she feared falling backward. When the sanctified gave her a chance to change that, she jumped at it with all of her tenacity. It was a small matter of letting the right people hear the wrong things. It’s amazing what a little bad press can do to a leader’s support and, with the sanctified pushing from the outside and the support waning from within, the old Prince had no choice but to step down and thus take down those around him who all want their jobs back.

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