Night Twentyone

Ok, to get something up on the sight, I will start in on night twenty one, early. We played through about half last week and I hope to get through night twenty two this week. As life has gotten in the way, Gracey’s player will not be at the sessions for a few months so that she may learn something.*

The group starts at Paul’s place, as this has been the crash pad for the last few nights. They all meet in the living room to go over what to do next, as they have been very busy rounding up Vern loyalists for the old regime. To date, they have brought in Dalia, Damon, Aaron, and Carman. Christian starts to talk about taking some time off again to take care of other things, but the group still thinks that finding and eliminating others that are loyal to Vern should come first. Victoria, looking over the list of names that they have, figures that the next person to locate should be Zetta. The information they have on her comes from all of the files that they have procured over time.

Victoria leads the way, telling the others that they have four addresses to check out. A short ride later, they find themselves at a downtown Manhattan building. Gaining entrance via picking the front door locks, they head upstairs to the apartment number from the file. With another quick pick, they send Hugh and Paul in first, to check out the safety of the place. A quick check of the place results in a resounding “nobody home”. The rest enter the apartment to check it out. It’s a smaller place with just four rooms: living, kitchen, bed, and bath. Though lived in, the apartment does not have any clues to finding Zetta. Paul, after looking around, notices a fine piece of oil work in the wall, in the living room. Victoria and Christian take note of a nice statue, that upon a closer look, is just a fake plaster copy. Feeling this stop a bust, they head out for the next address.

With a longer ride over to Queens, they make it to the next place, but not without notice of a number of kindred from the area. This address leads them to an abandoned two-story building. Gaining entry through the broken doorway, Paul and Victoria lead the search through the building. On the main floor, they find that the place seems to have become a dumping ground for some kindred, as a few of the apartments have bodies stacked in them. Many of the bodies look as though they are from the vagrant population, but a couple of them are dress a little too nice for these parts. Victoria seizes the chance and quickly goes through their pockets. Victoria finds out that one was Nelind Hughes, by way of his credit cards and that the driver license is missing, as well as all the cash. The other body belonged to Andrew Mason. Again, no license or cash, just credit cards remain. Looking though the business card collections from the wallets, Victoria finds one for Missie Larance on Nelind and one for Lt. McNaily on Andrew. Asking the group about the names, no one recalls hearing Missie’s, but Paul tells Victoria that he does recognize McNaily. Victoria quickly puts the wallets back and the moves on. Looking though the building, they find that a few of the rooms have been converted so that no light can get into them and that they lock from the inside. Going into the basement, they find a few interesting things. One: a few of the rooms seem to have been the sites of many fights sometime not long ago. Two: that the sewer has access from inside the building. After spending a little more time looking around the basement, they head up to the second floor to see if they can wring any clue out of the place. On the second floor, they find one more room rigged not to let light in, and access to the roof.

Paul leads them up the stairs to the roof. Leaving the stair behind, they all feel the presence of another on the roof. Paul quickly scans the roof for it. Paul sees the stranger just in time for him to look up from his meal. Paul yells at him to stay put, but he just jumps over the side. Hearing a loud clang, Paul figures that he had jumped onto a fire escape. Paul takes off after him with Hugh following behind. They a make it down the escape ladder with out a problem. The stranger starts running down the ally, dodging trash all the way. Paul makes ground on him with Hugh starting to fall back a bit. Close to the end of the ally, the stranger trips and this gives Paul the chance to pin him to the ground. Hugh though, found a bag of trash that did not get out of his way and has fallen short of were Paul is. With the stranger pinned to the ground, Paul asks him why he ran. “Fear” sums up the statement quite well. Paul, berating him for his background, starts with his name. “Luis, Luis Rolon”, comes the weak reply. Next on Paul’s list is “what covenant?” Luis tells him, “Sanctified, sort of”. This makes Paul boil with anticipation for the next answer. “Who is your sire?” comes down for Paul. Luis, with a hint more fear tells him, “Andrew Mills”. Not the person Paul was hoping for. Hugh, being able to collect himself, makes it to Paul and Luis, just in time to hear this. Seeing the excitement in Paul, Hugh tells Paul what he knows of Andrew. Though Paul is still on the edge, he tells Hugh to grab hold of Luis so they can get him back to the group. Hugh and Paul, each grabbing a leg, drag Luis around the building and up the stairs to the roof, where they see what the group would like to do with him. The talk is short and, on point, they tie him up and throw him in the trunk. They head out for the next address a little heavier.

This one strikes them as strange once they enter the Brooklyn building. Sensing and seeing Kindred and humans in one place mingling with familiarity is strange. A few of them who have heard stories about this place know what they have entered: The Orphanage. Victoria comments to Paul that this would be a strange place for a follower of Vern’s to hang out.

This is were we ended up for the night as time ran out on one of the players. I have some fun for next time if I can keep my end of the deal up. Here’s to hoping for a good time.

Well, we pick up the game from were we left off on the next week.

Victoria shows the rest a picture of Zetta, so they all knew who to look for. Paul looks it over and decides that he should talk with one to the kindred in the place. Paul walks over to the nearest one and waits for him to finish his current conversation. Paul questions this vampire if he has seen Zetta recently. He informs Paul that Zetta has been known to stop by for short stays from time to time, but has not been in recently. Paul asks him if he would let Paul know if Zetta come in while Paul is there. This kindred agrees to let Paul know if Zetta shows up. After some debate the group takes the elevator to the top and works there way down using the stairs.

The seventh floor is little more then a hostel with about 30 beds for anyone to use. Though all of the windows are closed off. The sixth floor is deferent do to the facts that some of the floor can get light and some of it is being used as a game room with a pool table and TV. The Fifth floor has a small section divided off for the stairs and the elevator, while the rest of the floor appears to have been turned into a worship space. Moving down to the fourth floor they find, another floor with beds and a game room. Though this room does not have a pool table instead, there are a few table set-up for chess. On the third floor they find more beds and an area made into a cafeteria with working kitchen. Moving on again the find themselves on the second floor. This one contains many rooms that all seem to have desks in them, though most of the desks do not appear in use, some are and a few have been neglected for a long time. Back on the main floor they find that the floor is much more then the reception area and a few offices. Taking the stairs down one flight farther they see a basement area with many discarded items from the many people that have passed though. They push on one more flight to get into a subbasement. Though the path here does not look well used there have been people down here. Two spaces have been made to do interrogations in, and off a ways is a sewer entrance. After they have explored the entire building finding little of interest Victoria asks them to go onto the next address on the list.

The group makes it to the Manhattan address. Victoria picks the lock in the door and they all enter the building. They all pass the “taint” check. They see in front of them a long hall with two large kindred standing at the other end blocking a door. Victoria walks over to them to ask one of them if they know Zetta. One of the large kindred stares at her, then states, “Go away”. Victoria turns and starts to walk away from them. Paul asks her, “Where are you going.” She responds with, “I’m going away from them.” As Victoria continues to walk back down the hall, Paul asks what she was going to ask them about. In reply Victoria tells Paul that she wanted to know if they new Zetta. Paul yells out to them, “Hey Bevis and Butt-Head do you know Zetta?” Both of them stare right at Paul and tell him to “Go away”. Paul turns and leaves with Victoria. Christian and Hugh both pose the question and are dismissed in the same matter. Once the whole group is outside, they start and a new plan for dealing with this. They all enter the building again to find six kindred now in the hall. (I call out xp for the group to shut them up as they whine that I hand it out regularly. I don’t, but they shouldn’t complain about it.)

Victoria stares at the smallest of the six and asks, “Where is Zetta?” He responds with the fact, she has not been here in a few days. Victoria asks, “Is there anyone else here?” The response is, “Yes.” Victoria asks, “Who are you protecting?” Only gets a blank stare. Victoria tries one more time and asks, “Bring us who ever you are protecting?” This gets no movement out of them. They leave the place again, to go out to the SUV to get Luis. With Paul taking hold of Luis, Hugh straps some explosives to him. After much chatter about weather or not this is a good idea, which includes talk of fleas, airplanes and the sewer. They disarm Luis and put him back in the SUV, and leave the place heading back to Paul’s. They get there with a short amount of time to talk over what their plans are. The day passes with them all safe at Paul’s.

We roll on into the next night.

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