ADnD update sesion 15

Ok my fellow onlookers. We are back for a brief over view of where our ill fated group of adventurers find themselves. Although it has been some time since we last caught up to them much and very little has happened all at once. Most notably is the appearance of one! Dori who appears to be on the run from the very same Necromancer that we have previously discussed. She has displayed some interesting magic like abilities and a penchant for stealth but not much over all in the way of grace or finesse. The poor group is constantly battling the undead hordes sent out by their nemesis and have even encountered a small group of upright hyenas. Their most recent misadventure has found them at the bottom of a very steep and slippery slope that terminates in what as of yet appears top be an impassable swamp. Now the of course the inconvience of this is that the swamp is between our intrepid explorers and their target. So if you are willing to subject your selves to the abuse of the game and can join us in Open.Rpg in the Darkness Unvailed Server and in the Rictus room on Tuesday night we will begin session 16 with a surprise quite ! unlike any that we have previously encountered?

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