Sarah Cassity

Ventrue Invictus

A good looking girl is what tends to describe this lady wherever she goes. She has only been among the kindred for a short time and still longs for her mortal life. She had been getting lonely in the recent years so she seized the opportunity to “make” a friend for herself. She didn’t have to do much to get the “go ahead” for it – drop a few little words to the wrong person to change the leadership of the city. She did take a little time to pick someone out that she thought she could hold on to for a long time. It was someone she thought she would relate to and could get along with, not to mention that looked better then she did – so she could hide a little in public. As part of the Invictus, she hates to have to take part in anything and is more a member of convenience than for any benefits that may come of it. Ignored for the most part, she has little to do with her clan, either. She has hoped in recent nights that she could get closer to Gracey and find out what held her back in her mortal life, but the events that let her make Gracey have come back to make that hard.

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