New Game Starting in Albert Lea

We Will be starting a new game in Albert Lea MN. This game is going to be a tengent off the Rochester MN game that is up on the site. In doing this I will be putting up the last few nights of the that game soon. We will be have atlest one return player from the Rochester game and three new players. These three are new to White Wolf gaming so it should be fun. I would like to include any of the other the Rochester players that I can, but do to scheduling I don’t know if that will be posable. I am looking at start this game some time around the first week in Aug. with at lest one pregame sesion to get the new players their characters and familerise them with the rules. The game itself should be picking up about six month after the last game night from the Rochester game. I look forward to getting a game going agian.

2 Responses to “New Game Starting in Albert Lea”

  1. Kat Says:

    So did you get your new game started yet?

  2. enwewn Says:

    Almost, waiting for the some backgrounds to come back.

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