Meeting of Donald Riddel, Robert Bonnell, Riley Corgan, and Reed Veits.

Knowing that the New Prince was going to be trouble from the start, Donald and Robert had made a few moves to ensure that he did gain the power that should go with the office. Riley and Reed had been keeping an eye on things that Donald and Robert couldn’t be seen watching. Riley and Reed had just started to make their report when someone entered the warehouse. This was supposed to be a “safe” place to meet up, where no-one would know that they all were talking to each other. After controlling the flash of anger that came over them and with a little more calm, they all went over to find out who could have discovered them. Before they even came into site of the newcomers, Donald and Robert knew that this was not going to be as big of a problem as they first thought it may be. Setting the plan quickly and quietly, they jump the intruders, leaving only Christian standing without someone keep him in place. The one who must have led them here was flat on her back and told to stay there. Whether it was the Dominate or just her sire giving the order Victoria never even tried to get back up. Donald decided to give Paul a little “hug” to remind him that, though he spurns his sire and the Invictus, not everyone is willing to let him goof off with the Charthians forever. Now that we have them, lets find out what brought them here, though Robert thinks he already knows. After a few questions and a little more pain for Paul, they get something a little unexpected. It seems that Dianna wants to move up a little farther while getting in the new prince’s “good graces”, and sent these punks to do the dirty work for her. Well, that explains why, after the little disturbance at the meeting, which we sent them to, they all started to go off together. Rummaging through all of the files and taking some was probably a foolish idea, but it does give them some information that may help them survive if they continue down this path. Though, in sending them on their way, we do tell them to drop this little exploit of theirs. After they leave, it is back to the business at hand with a new outlook at the information that they already had.

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