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These are not finished but they have been through a spell checker and may be more readable.

Derrick Coverstone Gangrel LS
Derrick having had a long time to build up his defenses and control in Brooklyn there are very few kindred that will challenge him here. With this great amount of control has come the responsibility to keep it also, as others keep trying to pry this area a way from him. He has been able to make many “friends” with the ability to give gifts, such as feeding rights, small safe havens, and The Orphanage. The Orphanage was put in place to keep balance with in the city as many travel through and do not always clean up after themselves. As in many of the darker times within the city, the kine have also made many a kindred homeless with there indirect influence on the kindred. Though few of such incidents have ever been link to involvement by kindred there is always suspicions running around, with Derrick pointed to in most cases. With in the walls of the Orphanage there are many Kindred and kine alike. The kine know of the kindred presence and a few kine owe them their lives, but many owe them their soles. Derrick preaches nightly to all that stay with in the walls, though not all listen as much as he would like. He is content with his domain and all of the responsibilities that it in tails.

Dalia Preston Nosferatu Carthian
Though still a member of the Carthian movement Dalia has made good with the new prince. She holds little sway over the rest of the movement, but can give Vern insights into the working of the cause. Many in the movement have begun to distrust her as much of what she knows tens to find its way to Vern. This has made her more of an outsider then she was to begin with and has made her less of an asset to Vern, who is trying to see if converting her maybe possible. Time will tell for her as she keeps moving through the night.

Dalia Pestage Ventrue LS
Although making money is not the prime focus of the LS it is something that is needed to keep the faith moving onto larger and larger scales. Vern knows that he needs the money, but knows not were to get it. This is where Dalia came into his unlife. With a little guidance she has made sizable in road into the markets and has proven that she knows what she is doing. To keep her from going to far Vern took her in and put her under his wing. (His thumb is more like it.) She has enjoyed the rise in power along with Vern, but has started to see what little she has to show for it. She feels the needs to start to see the credit that she deserves to continue to help Vern in has plans.

Carman Oster Ventrue LS
Carman has worked with Vern closely for many years and now with him in power she sees her opportunities on the rise. Having be a faithful follower she has earned respect among many with in the LS and those who don’t respect her have a small fear growing inside of them that she will soon be able to control too much of their unlives. She earns her respect, not though direct action, but though her ability to have other do what she wants to have done. She has gained greatly in the past year as Vern having used her services a few times before wants to repay those debts to her. The best part of many of these gains is they seem not to help her at all and mostly would seem to be burden to outsiders. Carman though sees the real power in all of these burdens and feels that her faith in Vern was not misplaced.

Andrew Mills Nosferatu Carthian
As one of the more powerful in the Carthian movement Andrew was a thorn in the side of Prince Jacob, thou they had grown over time to see the benefits of one another. Andrew was always pushing for change with in the city and had gotten many connections from Jacob though he was not always liked by the Carthians for his method of getting these changes, as he has mostly leveraged his control over the docks to get these. After Vern took over, he start to roll back many of the changes that Jacob had set forth. This has not set well with Andrew or many of the Carthians. Moves are in the planning stages to see that things do not continue along these lines. If Vern persists in his push, Andrew well see to it that more things go wrong for Vern then just losing his position in leadership.

Amelia Mansel Ventrue Ordo Dracul
As the leader of the Order in the city she has many enemies to over come. The newest she has added to this list is Vern Sanghani, the new prince. Though taking power with a whimper more then a roar he is trying to cement his position. Amelia having liked the old prince for his vision and easy and even hand in running the city, has made it a goal of hers to root out all those who made it possible for Vern to become prince. Amelia having grown up in Ireland she knows what a zealot like Vern can do when given that much power. Over the past year she has been making moves that have kept Vern from using the power that he now should enjoy. Others have been helpful in this effort and wish to see the fall of Vern.

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