Marvin Mekhat Invictus

In playing the game, Marvin has been well rounded with what he has gone after. He has been able to capture control over most of the parks in the city and all of the airports. If a vampire wants to fly in or out of the city, Marvin must been in the loop. His control of the parks affords him the right to grant feeding privileges to those he chooses and that gives him a bargaining chip in almost any negotiation. He continues to strengthen his hold on these areas by making sure that no one breaks his rules. Having this vast amount of responsibility throughout the city, is not easy and takes most of his time every night. He has given in to the fact that he will never get all of the land in the city, but he does love the challenge of working towards that goal. All work and no play isn’t good for anyone especially a kindred, so he takes a night off every month to go and see the sights he controls, incognito. This night is not something he shares with anyone as it is the one time he doesn’t take his guards with.

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