Elysium Damage

Though the bomb was not in the best place to do the damage that was desired, it did have a sizable impact on the place. This is not to exclude what happened to some of the patrons and employees. Although this was not one of the largest saloons that the Invictus keeps, it was one that many of them enjoyed. Much of the inside of the place had been redone to look the part of a 1920’s speakeasy. This gave many of the patrons a feeling of escape. There were a few larger meeting rooms set aside to conduct business in. Also, there had been many deals that changed unlife for many within the limits of New York. The explosion took out one of the supporting inner walls. Thus, leaving four of the upper rooms without support and sending them crashing into the rooms on the main floor below. The part that made this even more disastrous, was the proximity to dawn when it happened, giving little time for many of the trapped to return to the safety of their havens. The full aftermath of this attack has not yet been realized, but what is for sure is at lest eleven servants and two vampires are gone.

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