Starting Night Thirteen

Night Thirteen

This is not a night that we role-played, rather it’s some down time information about actions that take place around the player characters. With this, I hope to make what is going on in the city around the characters more immediate to them. As this is all “story” from me, I hope that I can make enough sense with it to do a good job of getting the ideas across. Now on to the show…

As the sun sets on yet another gloomy day in the city, the kindred stir to meet with the revelations from the night before. As many find out, after rising from their daily rest, a few more kindred of this city no longer walk the earth. It seems fitting that tonight has a court planned for it. As the heralds have been ringing out over the past few days, everyone is required to come to this court, even though some had been shut out of them, before. This court is important enough that all need to be there.

Paul and Gracey awake to the ringing of Paul’s cell phone, its Dianna calling to see what her newest childe is up to, as it has been a rare occurrence for him not to be home. Paul tells her that he can take care of himself and, yes, he will be at the court tonight. Gracey, still a little “out of it”, is startled to find Paul in her bed, at first, but then relaxes, as the memories of last night wash over her. They both find enough to wear to start out their night and seem content with what has happened, for now. Sarah walks into the apartment a short time after they had gathered themselves and asks Gracey about the court tonight, to make sure she goes.

Victoria arises at her haven to find it just the same as before. She takes care of the little tasks that always need to be done, at the start of each night. About the time she is done with this, Robert calls to ensure her presence at the court tonight. She appeases him enough to let her off the phone.

Christian makes his way through the evening’s work and checks in with Donald to see what arrangements have been made for tonight’s court. After hearing the plan for this evening, he feels he has time to stop at “Nibble” to see if Vincent has found anything. Vincent was able to confirm that the car explosion a couple nights ago was indeed Vern’s car and that two guys died in it. Vincent also goes into how a few of the other bouncers seem to think Vern is pressing on something too hard and it may, very well, explode in his face. Christian tells Vincent that he needs to head out, as he has an engagement to go to.

Hannah wakes up and starts her evening in her usual languid method. Afterwards, she receives a call from Nadene Karmel reminding her of the court tonight and that she must attend, to show any that may have seen the loss of her sire as an opportunity to hold her down. She agrees to the outing, as she has grown tired of her apartment.

Hugh wakes to find his sire, Stacey, at his place and prepares himself for a repeat of last time. Tonight, she seems to be collected, calm, in full control of her emotions and is also in one of her finer dresses, not something she wears here, often. Stacey tells him to be sure to dress his best, for the court tonight. Then, she goes over the code of conduct with him. She tells him that this may not go well for them, because anytime Vern makes this proclamation at court, it tends to make others very upset.

James finds himself in the company of many a carthian tonight, as his sire,Judy, is hosting a meeting before tonight’s court to make sure everyone promises to be respectful of everyone at court and what the code of conduct will be, for it. James, not really paying much attention to it, is more interested in the rumors that others are passing around the room, quietly. Most of these rumors involve comments about how bad New Jersey smells, but it may be better than this place. Some comment on how The Order or the Invictus may need a few more members, and how they could fit into one or the other.

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