Night Thirteen at court

At the court location, the Natural History Museum, the whole of the Kindred population arrive slowly, with a few surprises in the crowd and on stage. On stage, is Bishop Coverstone, seated at his position. Within the crowd, stirs Jacob, with Jeff trailing behind. Enos is in a balcony overlooking the proceedings, with a distrustful look to him. This is not his normal manifestation of menace. While all are gathered here, many are not at ease. Still, they are all staying respectful of the proceedings. As the last few are announced and enter the court proper, everyone begins to take seats and start the night’s business. With the announcement that the court is now in order, Vern appears on stage, with a smug look that worries many in the audience.

Vern steps to the center of the stage without stopping at the primogen council’s table – an unusual event. Vern raises his hand to quiet what noise this made and waits for silence to cover the crowd.
Vern begins, “With the events of the past year, I have been making every effort to rule this city without the harsh measures of the former leader.” This gives rise to many quick glances at Jacob, as he was not an over-zealous leader. Vern continues, “As I have not been able to quell the turbulence in this time, with a soft hand, caused by his sudden departure, stronger measures will now be used. The sheriff has been informed, that by the end of a weeks time, NO unaligned kindred are to be within my city, be that by them leaving, or becoming members of the Invictus, LS, or, if need be, the Order Dracul. If any remain at the end of this time, Blood Hunts are their fate. By the end of one month’s time all Carthians are also to have left or been converted, or suffer the same.” This makes a stir in the crowd, which was quelled only by the fact that Bishop Coverstone had broken the council’s table and was now standing with a power that left a few kindred in the room quaking. This took Vern by some surprise, as Derrick was not one too show this amount of disrespect. Vern continues “I have been forced to do this, by recent actions taken against me, and all of us. With the recent attack on my personal property and now with last night’s attack on the elysium, I have no choice.” Derrick, in a voice that filled the hall announces, “All will be welcomed at “The Orphanage” and NO kindred, be he prince or archbishop will ever change this.” Vern immediately pronounces him an outcast and no longer fit to lead the LS or be on the primogen council. Derrick responded to this by throwing the pieces of the table left in his hands toward Vern and storming out of the court, taking many of his fellow LS with him. The crowd, becoming pandemonium, sees that Vern is still on stage, holding up his hand and looking for quiet. Many younger kindred within the hall start to shout, the blood within them starting to boil in rage. The elders within the walls are finding their way out, with whatever speed they have at their disposal. They do not want to risk any lingering in the hall. Donald, having all of his brood close to the stage, leads them out of the hall and into a waiting limousine. Robert takes the hands of Victoria and Daise, leading them out to a waiting car. Dianna throws her arm around Paul’s neck and drags him to the waiting limousine. Hannah, having seen enough school yard fights to know that once they are this big, the only thing to do is not to get hurt by them and finds a back way out to an alley. Hugh knows that Stacey does not have the strength or wits to do well in that environment pulls her out of the melee, protecting her all the way, and heads for the safety of the “Shit Hole”. James seeing his sire, Judy, on the stage makes his way there, once together they head out of the hall with a small contingent of carthians with them. Gracey, knowing what can happen if caught in the middle of a brawl like this, grabs onto Sarah and they push their way out of the hall and onto the street. They make a break for it, moving 3 blocks away before hailing a cab, to take them anywhere else.

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  1. Hugh Says:

    Brutal, Joe – but very well done!

    -edited 24APR05 KJB

  2. Todd Pearson Says:

    Ow!!!! But nice…..I can role play this….Very nice….

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