Night Thirteen trip from court

Donald has the driver take the group to a club that has been closed for repair and was about to reopen soon, to sort out all of the happenings of tonight. He then turns to his brood, asking each of them if they are in need of any attention, stopping with Christian to tell him that this is going to get worse before it is over.

Robert, sitting in the front seat, tells the driver to head to a club that Victoria knows is closed. Once they arrive at the club, she knows that this is going to be a lot more than just a place to hide. Victoria watches as Robert pulls Daise in with him, “yelling” at her to follow them in. As soon as she is out of the car, it speeds off.

Dianna stares at Paul as they move down the road to a club that he knows is closed for repair. She starts to tell him that, now he has little choice, but listen to her. Things are about to get ugly, and he needs to see something other then himself as important. She continues to tell him that he no longer has his freedom and will start to respect her – one way, or the other. Paul feels the rush of blood down the inside of his neck. He hasn’t felt a burning like this inside of him since the first time he met Dianna. The rush subsides shortly before they get to the club. Dianna guides him into the club and all he sees is the other Invictus he hates.

Outside, Hannah is taken by the arm and lead to a car by Nadene, as she is telling her to stay calm and not to worry. As they both settle in to the car, it takes off to an address that Nadene gave the driver. During this trip neither of them talks, as they both seem to have something on their minds. The car stops and Nadene gets out, she ducks back down to tell Hannah to get out of the cab. Hannah gets out and fallows Nadene into the club where there seems to be a gathering started.

The driver, without any directions, leaves as soon as the doors shut. Judy starts to talk with everyone in the limousine, asking for any input on what to do with Vern and if now could be the right time to try to seize control over the city. With all of this talk, time seems to slip away and the limousine stops in front of an old warehouse building on the docks. Judy makes mention that this place is assured to be safe, by Andrew, which seems to calm a few that are in the limousine. They all get out and head into the warehouse, asking questions to each other, but not really getting any answers.

After some time in the cab, Sarah comes to her senses and gives the driver an address to go to. The driver tells her that the place has been closed for repair for some time and maybe she should go elsewhere. Sarah tells him, “No. That’s the place”. Sarah relaxes in the seat a bit and tells Gracey not to worry too much, as they will be safe, there. The driver stops across the street and asks if he should stay, as the club looks closed. Sarah pays him for the ride and tells him to be on his way. She grabs Gracey by the arm, heads across the street and knocks on the door. Gracey feels all of the others within the place and is not sure of what is about to happen. The door opens and they are let into what seems to be a large meeting of the Invictus.

Half way to the “Shit Hole”, Stacey tells Hugh to turn and head out to the docks. Hugh, not sure about the directions, sighs, and makes his way to the place Stacey tells him. As they arrive, he feels the others around and makes sure this is where Stacey wants to be. She tells him that it’s safe and that they should go in.

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  1. Hugh Says:

    -edited 24APR05 KJB

    I’m seriously on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next! Superb job, Joe! I’m impressed.

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