Night Seventeen

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Everyone wakes up for the night. Hugh looks around the place and lets one of the servants know that he was leaving for awhile. Gracey wakes beside Paul and tells him good evening. Paul smiles and kisses Gracey and tells her he is going for a shower. This leaves her to get dressed and check her cell phone for messages. Not finding any she goes to the living room to wait on Paul.

Victoria waking in her haven goes and checks on what has been coming into her e-mail box. Most of it is junk of course, but there is a message from Riley to have her call back to set up a meeting. She makes a call to him to find out what he needs a meeting for. Over the phone he tells her that he needs to talk with her and her new “friends”. Riley gives her the chance to set the time and place for this meeting. Victoria goes with “Altered Currents” bar some time after midnight. Riley tells her that he can make that and hangs up. After getting off the phone with Riley Victoria calls Paul, not getting an answer she calls Christian. After letting Christian in on the plan she has him try and call Paul while she calls James, Hannah, Gracey, and Hugh. They are mostly short conversation as they all just go with it. Gracey checks to see if Paul has herd the news and if he is will to give her a ride. (This has conversation with it that does not have anything to do with the game.) Paul had found out that Hugh was no longer at his place and thinks to see if anyone else has called him to tell him.

(At this point in time Hugh and I were off role-playing out him talking with his sire, so they got off on a tangent that included, more the one, animal impressions. That had nothing to do with nature and everything to do with, my players have, sick and twisted minds, and views of the Hugh character. They also joke about the recording and how I get to laugh at it went I play it back and here it. They crack a few jokes about the fact that they get more done without me in the room then they do with me there. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t true. After about five minutes of this we get back to the room with the normal amount of heckling. This is why having the night recorded is so much fun. Damn people and wanting dates, October 26th.)

Gracey feels that they have time for a quickie, and Paul doesn’t disagree, so they take care of that and then get clean up again after that. Paul finds his package that he had been waiting for. (I was giving him the information about what was in it while the rest of the group talks about the ride over as one of them got a motorcycle ride over this night. It degenerates into conversions not fit for this web space.) After wrapping this up Paul and Gracey head out to pick up Christian. Victoria arrives at the club and takes a seat at a table near the back. The rest of them arrive shortly there after. I ask Gracey to what see was wearing as a way of passing a little time as a switch into the Riley persona.

(They go off on a tangent about this for about five minutes. Then I call a taint check for when Riley enters and starts towards the table. One of the players fails this check as she rarely engages in anything other then combat while we play I had hoped that this would provoke reaction, it did not.)

I give the players a short description of Riley. Riley is a tall figure with hands more like claws and dress down in jeans and a flannel shirt. Victoria greats him, followed by the rest of the table. Riley makes notice of each in turn with respect paid to those he had any regards for. He also makes mention of the fire at the “Shit Hole” and how this is beginning to be a bad habit for the group of them, after Paul figures out some of the back story given away by Riley’s actions. Riley starts to lay out what has been happening in the passed few days after court. He starts with the facts of Vern being drunk with power and the Invictus feeling that he must be stopped, to that end they have teamed up with the Carthians. This distasteful arrangement means that they need everyone’s help. One of Vern’s lackeys, Dalia Pestage needs to be found to lead them to Vern. The problem being that she has left her known hang-outs and is in hiding, most of the rest of the Invictus and Carthians have bigger problems to deal with, or they are to well known to find anything out. This, and the fact they have been hanging out so much, is why he was sent to get them on her trail. Riley doesn’t have a lot on Dalia to give them just, as part of the sanctified she has done a lot of business for Vern and they hope to get information about her. Dalia an older looking woman, whom is heaver set being 5’4” and about 140 pounds. Riley tells them about her old haven and that she has been keeping offices in the same office building that this mess started in and this was the last place she was seen at. Riley makes it a clear point that she is needed alive though anyone with her is expendable. This makes Paul happy, as Paul asks questions to clarify the point as the rest agree with the course to find Dalia. Riley lets on that they don’t have reliable information about all areas of the city. They start to talk with each other and Riley gets bored with them and walks off into the club looking for some one. Paul feels that he need to feed before going on with the task at hand. Paul does ask Victoria to see if Riley has any more information that he did not want to share with the whole group. Riley talks to Victoria about the time table that has been worked out. Riley also talks about how they are working on putting Vern under control rater then destroying him. Riley goes over Victoria and the group’s ability to find things that they were not suppose to. Victoria tells the group about the limited time and that they should head on out to Dalia’s haven.

Paul tells her to wait just a short time for him to take care of business. He goes out on the floor and starts to dance with the toys. This makes Gracey a little on edge about his. After Paul gets back to the table and they head out to the townhouse.

As soon as they get to the townhouse Hannah goes right to the door and picks the lock. As they enter Paul takes charge and tells Victoria to see if there is a computer around, Gracey follows Victoria to the office. James is asked to watch the back door, while Hannah is told to keep an eye on the front. Paul and Christian find the door to the basement to take a look around there.

Victoria boots up the computer and starts to look at files. The first information that she finds looks a garbled and doesn’t mean anything. As she works harder to find things, she starts to pull out financial records with listings of a hotel that was acquired recently just outside of the LaGuardia airport. The records also list four purchases with in Queens. She finds maintenance records for the apartment building they had stop by many days ago.

Gracey goes to work on the file cabinets, getting them unlocked quickly, finding only empty file folders. Gracey in looking over the folders and other papers with in the room find that they come from many of the different hotels in town, she takes notes of them. Gracey noticed that a cabinet is missing. She finds with this inspection a package of files on other Kindred like those that she needed to return to Enos. As it also contained 2 video tapes that she starts to look for a player for. Finding the camera with a dead battery, she starts off to find Paul with in the house.

Paul, Christian, and Hugh finding the door to the basement locked, take a quick look to see how to get through the door. Hugh feels that a good shoulder blow will do the trick. Hugh backs up a step and hits the door, sending it down the steps and into the door below opening that one also. In the basement they find two sparely furnished rooms. These room look like the only use for them was integration. Upon closer inspection on the rooms they find a few clamps, a hammer, a badly dented aluminum bat, fragments of a wooden bat, and a large knife. Paul looking to see what else maybe in this basement pulls up a block of the floor to find sewer access.

Gracey finding them downstairs, asks if Paul can play these tapes at his place, this will not be a problem. She also mentions that it is getting late into the night. Paul places the block back and they head out. Gracey asks to stay with Paul, and Hugh heads for the Carthian safe house.

Victoria leaving the office after doing what she could with the files starts to look over the rest of the house. Looking through the house she finds that it is well furnished and kept. She also finds an open wall safe and a few paintings that could bring in some money. Looking through the desks in other rooms, she finds keys that don’t fit anything in the townhouse. As she discovers this she sees that everyone is heading out. Looks at the time and leaves with them.

Like most time I have it happen they make it back to their havens with time and settle in for the day.

A lot happen on this night, and more is coming soon.

Night Seventeen preview

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(At this point in time Hugh and I were off role-playing out him talking with his sire, so they got off on a tangent that included, more the one, animal impressions. That had nothing to do with nature and everything to do with, my players have, sick and twisted minds, and views of the Hugh character. They also joke about the recording and how I get to laugh at it went I play it back and here it. They crack a few jokes about the fact that they get more done without me in the room then they do with me there. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t true. After about five minutes of this we get back to the room with the normal amount of heckling. This is why having the night recorded is so much fun. Damn people and wanting dates, October 26th.)

(They go off on a tangent about this for about five minutes. Then I call a taint check for when Riley enters and starts towards the table. One of the players fails this check as she rarely engages in anything other then combat while we play I had hoped that this would provoke reaction, it did not.)

Just a little OOC to keep things going as it doesn’t look good for getting it out before game time tonight.

End of Night 16

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Well we started the next week with the end of night 16. I didn’t have them do the humanity rolls, but we did make some progress. With the normal amount of banter we start off at Paul’s sire’s place shortly after most of them get done cleaning up. As they sit in the living room discussing their next step, Hugh wants to go to his haven and pick-up the rest of his things. The other not yet being sure if that is a good idea or not after what just transpired at the bar. Victoria, Christian, James, and Hannah continue to talk as Gracey finally catches up with the group, and Paul gets back from cleaning up, finding a few swords picking up one of them remembering back to the bar. Paul eyeing Gracey works on catching up on the conversation. They do decide that it is worth the risks to get the last of the gear, but before they go this time they raid the stock pile they already have. Christian spotted the sword Paul carried into the living room and asks to see if there mite be more of those floating around. Paul takes him off to see the other few in the house. The rest head for Hugh’s stuff, Gracey asks for a butterfly knife, the rest thinking better of it steer her toward a four inch folding knife. Hugh picks out two SMGs and over the shoulder the holsters. Victoria also picks something out and the head for Hugh’s haven. (Hannah’s player was to busy sleeping to pick anything out at this point even after many prompts from me and others.) They head out in the SUVs to find what s ahead. They arrive shortly there after and head on up to the haven. Nothing seems out of place so they just go in and start to carry out all the things Hugh points to. They take this load back to Paul’s sire’s place and pack it away. This of course leaves them with just enough time to return to their havens for the day. Hugh head out to the warehouse were his sire is back at talking over problems. Gracey makes move and stays with Paul.

After this we head right into the next night.

Tonight is game night

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Well, tonight we get together to play, again. I hope to give out what experience points are remaining so that everyone is on the some page, as far as that goes. I also, will have Wednesday off to work on typing up what we get done tonight, so hopefully , the update won’t take till the last minute, this time.

Night Sixteen

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Though we start this night on the some night we played through nights 14 and 15, we end it the next week missing 3 of the players, Gracey, James, and Hannah. It was also a short night do to life being in the way yet again.

Most of the group wakes out at Paul’s sire’s place where they had been give room to stay at. Gracey wakes at home and goes on to here computer to see if any news had come from her old cheerleading friends. Back at Paul’s they make ready to go back to the “Shit Hole” to pick up the last of Hugh’s stuff. They get out on the road and pull up in front of the “Shit Hole”, right when Gracey calls to find out what is going on. Paul tells her of the plan and asks her to start over. They get out of the SUVs and get to the door of the “Shit Hole” only to feel a vampire with in the place. With little talk they barge into the place to find themselves faced with out ten mortals who don’t seem to be in control of their actions and one vampire way in the back in front of the hall leading to the door down stairs to the range.

This becomes a mess fast as the mindless horde attacks them. Now I am torn here as to go into details about the fight or stick to highlights. As I don’t what to do a blow by blow I will try to balance between the two. As it is from my memory thing may not have happen exactly this way though I am hope for close. The fight starts with the mortals getting, up close and personal, as the Vampire takes a seat where he was. In the round of the fight not much happens though Victoria and Christian try to dominate a few into not coming at them, and fail. Paul takes up the slack and gets a knife from Hugh as he hands off one of his two handguns to Victoria and Hannah steps out to pull off a table leg. James takes a step back as not to get his hands dirty. The mortals begin with a few weak blows to Victoria and Paul. Paul lashes out at the mortal the hit him causing some bleeding though not enough to stop the mortal. Hannah takes a swing with the table leg hit one with little effect. Christian goes for a table lag of his own as Victoria tries her hand with the handgun finding out that she would have been better out hitting some with it shooting it. Paul continues his assault on the mortals through out the fight doing some messing things to them. (I did call a few frenzy rolls during the fight, but they seem to have had no trouble pass those, on the other hand they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn for the in fight rolls.) Hugh unlashes a valley from his handgun at the vampire, to little effectiveness. Victoria see that the handgun does her no good gives it back to Hugh and gets a table leg herself and starts to bash on the humans with that. The fight continues like this with the player taking some blood from the mortal they were fighting as they need it to heal the damage. Paul and that knife being the most effective in the battle with the mortals. During the fight Victoria tells Hugh to take out the lights as she spotted the breaker box and hoped that they could gain some advantage in the dark. They did, but it did seem to help much.

About that time is when the first night of play ended and we went home for the week the next week we pick back up in the fight.

With the lights out Hugh takes a few more shots at the vampire never getting too much of a piece of him. As the fight continued they had made their way through most of the humans, with Paul losing a few Humanity points. At last all the humans were unconscious and they could all go after the Vampire. Hugh let loose his last few bullets hurting the Vampire and slowing it down just enough for Paul to use that knife to its full potential and kill the Vampire off with out ever saying a word to him. They clean a path in front of the door and make their trip downstairs to get what they come for. As they leave they see that they need to cover the mess up some what and use some of the supplies from downstairs to soak the place. As Hugh leaves he pitches an incendiary grenade into the place and it starts to burn as they drive away.

We end the night with them getting back to Paul’s, giving Gracey a call to have her go there instead of the bar, and cleaning up from the nights activities.

I see the need for a humanity roll for a few of them at the start of next week I also need to give out experience points for many nights to the ones that missed this week, and also finish up experience with the one that did all of this so that I am caught back up with all of them. Well this has been a fun day of typing hopefully I will get a recording of next weeks events so that I have a more accurate log of the events to type from. Till next time…

Night Fifteen

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This happens on the same night of play as night fourteen, I have been trying to move thing a little faster, so we get more done each night with limited success. Will now we move into night fifteen.

James awakes to find that last nights confusion has continued into to night and that nothing seems to be moving forward. Looking for Judy, he finds her in a group in heavy debate about what should be done next. See that at best the debate is going in a circle he starts to look for other faces in the crowd.

Hugh awakes and takes stock of his surroundings and finds that Stacey has slipped out at some point and is no where to be found. This troubles him some; as he is not sure she is safe or ready for what mite happen. About the time he finishes his rounds, he runs across James and they start to make some plans. Hugh is worried about his “collection” at the “Shit Hole”. After talking with James awhile Hugh gives a call to Paul.

Again at the Invictus club the group finds itself and start to look forward. Christian is summoned over to a table where his sire sits. Donald has some advice for Christian and also wants to know, what it anything Christian mite have herd in the past few days, as Donald knows Christian has been poking around. Christian relays what information he has and some of it was news to Donald, but not much. Donald admonitions Christian about who he associates with as these are dangerous time right now. This gives Christian food for though as he leaves the table as a group has arrived to talk with Donald.

Gracey not knowing real why she stay last night feels it is time to leave and head out the door calling a cab to get a ride home. She gets outside and starts to wait for the cab, when a short time later Paul comes out to talk with her and gets her to come back in after waving off the cab.

Victoria takes a seat with Nadene to see if there is anything Nadene and tell her about these pass few nights. Though Nadene does not say much about it she does sound concerned that this is happen now and not latter. This give Victoria the feeling that plans may already be in the works for taking care of things. Victoria then wonders off to a table with Hannah to see if any other news has come up. As Victoria takes a seat Christian also sits and they start talking about what is going on. About this time Paul and Gracey sit at table close by and they all start to talk. A short time later Paul gets a call from Hugh to see what is going on with him and to see if he has news of the others. As they talk plans are formed to go and pick up Hugh’s stuff from the “Shit Hole”. Paul checks with Dianna to see if it would be safe to use the limousine right now, it was. Hugh make one more check for Stacey while waiting for Paul and the other to arrive with the limousine, not finding her he give her a call and leaves a message.

Some time later they have all made it to Paul’s sires place and have talked about what to do tonight. They all decide that getting the stuff from the “Shit Hole” may come in handy with what is going on. Paul has them get into a couple of SUVs and head on of to the “Shit Hole”. As they all arrive they notice that the normal crowd is at the place and start the loading process. This takes quite a long time as there is much to move and most of it is heavy. They get what can fit into the SUVs and head back to Paul’s sire’s to unload it all. This takes time, also, and they feel that there is not enough time to get the rest tonight, and make plans to pick it up the next night. As Paul has space most of them stay the night, though Gracey feels that it is time to head home, with a quick ride from Paul she makes it home and rests the day away waiting for the others to call the next night.

This end the next night that we played that same night of gaming and we do start in on a third night and that is come out next…

Night Fourteen

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After a long delay, I will try to put something out for night fourteen, as the recording was a bunch of dead air, so this, again, comes from my poor memory.

After their escapes from the court last night, Christian, Paul, Victoria, Gracey, and Hannah are all held up in the club that their sires took them to. When they arise, they find that many have woken up before them and have started to talk about what happened. These events seem to have galvanized them against the new prince, as his actions are that of someone who has gone mad with power. Though the conversions are muffled, the general fell of them is that “we waited to long”. The players start to look around for someone familiar to talk with.

Christian finds his sire, but at this point is unable to talk with him, as he is busy with a group of others. Paul is waved over by his sire and is sat down to have what is happening explained to him.

Dianna goes into the ever-so-evident fact, that being in the Carthian movement is not a safe place for him any more, that she has let him goof off long enough and it is time for him to grow up and come with her in to the Invictus. This is not a time for him to try and push away from the reasonability of what he is or play on his bad habits. Paul takes this in, but doesn’t have much to stay about it. Dianna leaves him to his own devices to talk with others in the Invictus. Paul looks around for some time before finding the group at a table off to the side of the club.

Victoria sees the fact that many of the Invictus are here and hears what is going on. She starts to seek out any information she can. She looks for a week link that may give up some information to her and finds Gracey. Victoria approaches Gracey to see if, by chance, she has found anything out. Gracey, being in the dark just as much as Victoria is, doesn’t give her much, but does offer to talk with her sire, to see if Sarah has anything, though Gracey doubts it, as Sarah has not seemed to ever know as much as Gracey already does. After Gracey leaves, Victoria sees that Hannah is sitting with Nadene Karmel. Before getting over to the table, Nadene leaves and joins a group out on the floor talking over what has transpired. Victoria takes a seat at the table and starts to ask about what is going on and if Hannah has any clue. Hannah, being the “less then talkative” person she has always been, doesn’t say much to Victoria other than she doesn’t know anything.

Gracey, after talking with Victoria, seeks out her sire. Finding Sarah, she starts to ask questions. The first thing on Gracey’s mind, is to see if she can leave the club and go back to her haven. Sarah tells her that though she may leave, it would not be the wisest decision, as this is a safe place to stay, and they don’t know how far this has gone, yet. Sarah goes on to explain that this is a safe place to be for them to stay, as things are still uncertain outside these walls. Though Gracey takes the information, she is still not sure about staying. After this talk, she looks around and finds Victoria, Hannah, and Christian sitting at a table off to the side.

Gracey finds her way over to the table about the same time as Paul. They all sit and talk over what they know and what they can do. Christian, all this time, is keeping on eye out to see if his sire is free to talk. Gracey, during most of the conversation, is talking about going to her haven. Victoria and Christian both try to simply talk her out of it, but she insists on wanting to go. They don’t want her to leave, for her safety, the safety of this place, and other reasons, so they take other actions to keep her at the club. As it was getting close to dawn, they find a place to sleep for the night and all stay here.

Hugh and James find themselves at a warehouse on the docks. After overhearing the ranting in the place, they feel it is a safe place to be. Though they don’t talk with much of anyone, the place is full of people throwing ideas on what to do about Vern. Is this the time to take the city? Is time just to leave, or is it time join with the Invictus and hope for a better outcome? As no one is taking charge, they spent most of the night like this. James was able to talk with Judy for a short time, but was unable to get much from it. Hugh finds Stacey to check and see that she is alright. Athough shaken, she is in good shape and just asks him not to do something uncalled for. This is most everything that happened there during that first night. They all find places to hide there for the night.

That’s one of the three nights done. As you can tell, I did spent much more time with the Invictus side of the group, this is one of the hazards of having a larger group. If you split them up you can’t always give equal time to the haves. I didn’t like doing this, but moving the story along made it necessary. Will this was just the first part of that night of game play on to the next.

Upgrade to 1.5.1

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I just made the change to 1.5.1 there are a few glitchs thatI need to fix in the theme, but the site seems to work…

Nights 14, 15, and 16 not done yet

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I haven’t gotten to them yet do to life getting in the way… I don’t forsee them coming out before next weekend….

Nights 14, 15, and 16

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I am going to stat work on these tonight so something of them should be up by sunday.

Elysium Damage

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Though the bomb was not in the best place to do the damage that was desired, it did have a sizable impact on the place. This is not to exclude what happened to some of the patrons and employees. Although this was not one of the largest saloons that the Invictus keeps, it was one that many of them enjoyed. Much of the inside of the place had been redone to look the part of a 1920’s speakeasy. This gave many of the patrons a feeling of escape. There were a few larger meeting rooms set aside to conduct business in. Also, there had been many deals that changed unlife for many within the limits of New York. The explosion took out one of the supporting inner walls. Thus, leaving four of the upper rooms without support and sending them crashing into the rooms on the main floor below. The part that made this even more disastrous, was the proximity to dawn when it happened, giving little time for many of the trapped to return to the safety of their havens. The full aftermath of this attack has not yet been realized, but what is for sure is at lest eleven servants and two vampires are gone.

Night Thirteen

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Again, this is all for story movement. It has taken some work to get it all out and it is quite long, but hopefully it is enough. As I am not going to have time to flesh out the previous courts I am going to post the outlined information I think it will be enough for my players to get the feel of what has been going on. Night Thirteen is the forth court held, after Vern took power…

First court after Vern took power…
Many of Jacob’s loyalists make comment about him stepping down
Carthians don’t accept Vern’s authority
Many of the younger vampires need to be removed before getting out of hand
Primogen council meeting canceled due to the unrest
Many elders are not happy with the handling of the unrest and the canceled meeting

Second court
Carthians have their own meeting in another place
Most of the younger vampires are deemed too restless to enter the open court
More elders are not happy with the change in policy
Primogen meeting is held with a stand-in for the carthian member
Stand-in sent out of meeting – being told the Carthians no longer have a seat

Third court
Starts without many kindred from the city
No unaligned are let in
All Carthians are made to stand in back
Derrick Coverstone leaves before primogen meeting, in protest of the closing of court
Carthians riot in celebration, when he leaves, and hurt a few of Vern’s guards

Night Thirteen wrap up

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For the majority of the remaining night, the gathered Invictus talk out what to do next to rid themselves of Vern. As far as they’re concerned, he has no hope of continuing as leader of this city. The club, though not large, has enough safe places for all of the gathered kindred to stay for the day. Even so, many of the old kindred leave, to go back to their havens.

At the warehouse, a large amount of the Carthian Movement from the city, are gathered and talking about what to do next as Vern has now crossed the line of no redemption. Though the warehouse is safe for the day, many of the better established head out for their own havens. Judy stays to keep the trust of many of the younger in the movement, as not to let them go off the path too far. Everyone is given space to sleep for the day as many of the group talk, until the last minutes of the night, about what to do in the nights to come.

Night Thirteen trip from court

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Donald has the driver take the group to a club that has been closed for repair and was about to reopen soon, to sort out all of the happenings of tonight. He then turns to his brood, asking each of them if they are in need of any attention, stopping with Christian to tell him that this is going to get worse before it is over.

Robert, sitting in the front seat, tells the driver to head to a club that Victoria knows is closed. Once they arrive at the club, she knows that this is going to be a lot more than just a place to hide. Victoria watches as Robert pulls Daise in with him, “yelling” at her to follow them in. As soon as she is out of the car, it speeds off.

Dianna stares at Paul as they move down the road to a club that he knows is closed for repair. She starts to tell him that, now he has little choice, but listen to her. Things are about to get ugly, and he needs to see something other then himself as important. She continues to tell him that he no longer has his freedom and will start to respect her – one way, or the other. Paul feels the rush of blood down the inside of his neck. He hasn’t felt a burning like this inside of him since the first time he met Dianna. The rush subsides shortly before they get to the club. Dianna guides him into the club and all he sees is the other Invictus he hates.

Outside, Hannah is taken by the arm and lead to a car by Nadene, as she is telling her to stay calm and not to worry. As they both settle in to the car, it takes off to an address that Nadene gave the driver. During this trip neither of them talks, as they both seem to have something on their minds. The car stops and Nadene gets out, she ducks back down to tell Hannah to get out of the cab. Hannah gets out and fallows Nadene into the club where there seems to be a gathering started.

The driver, without any directions, leaves as soon as the doors shut. Judy starts to talk with everyone in the limousine, asking for any input on what to do with Vern and if now could be the right time to try to seize control over the city. With all of this talk, time seems to slip away and the limousine stops in front of an old warehouse building on the docks. Judy makes mention that this place is assured to be safe, by Andrew, which seems to calm a few that are in the limousine. They all get out and head into the warehouse, asking questions to each other, but not really getting any answers.

After some time in the cab, Sarah comes to her senses and gives the driver an address to go to. The driver tells her that the place has been closed for repair for some time and maybe she should go elsewhere. Sarah tells him, “No. That’s the place”. Sarah relaxes in the seat a bit and tells Gracey not to worry too much, as they will be safe, there. The driver stops across the street and asks if he should stay, as the club looks closed. Sarah pays him for the ride and tells him to be on his way. She grabs Gracey by the arm, heads across the street and knocks on the door. Gracey feels all of the others within the place and is not sure of what is about to happen. The door opens and they are let into what seems to be a large meeting of the Invictus.

Half way to the “Shit Hole”, Stacey tells Hugh to turn and head out to the docks. Hugh, not sure about the directions, sighs, and makes his way to the place Stacey tells him. As they arrive, he feels the others around and makes sure this is where Stacey wants to be. She tells him that it’s safe and that they should go in.

Night Thirteen at court

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At the court location, the Natural History Museum, the whole of the Kindred population arrive slowly, with a few surprises in the crowd and on stage. On stage, is Bishop Coverstone, seated at his position. Within the crowd, stirs Jacob, with Jeff trailing behind. Enos is in a balcony overlooking the proceedings, with a distrustful look to him. This is not his normal manifestation of menace. While all are gathered here, many are not at ease. Still, they are all staying respectful of the proceedings. As the last few are announced and enter the court proper, everyone begins to take seats and start the night’s business. With the announcement that the court is now in order, Vern appears on stage, with a smug look that worries many in the audience.

Vern steps to the center of the stage without stopping at the primogen council’s table – an unusual event. Vern raises his hand to quiet what noise this made and waits for silence to cover the crowd.
Vern begins, “With the events of the past year, I have been making every effort to rule this city without the harsh measures of the former leader.” This gives rise to many quick glances at Jacob, as he was not an over-zealous leader. Vern continues, “As I have not been able to quell the turbulence in this time, with a soft hand, caused by his sudden departure, stronger measures will now be used. The sheriff has been informed, that by the end of a weeks time, NO unaligned kindred are to be within my city, be that by them leaving, or becoming members of the Invictus, LS, or, if need be, the Order Dracul. If any remain at the end of this time, Blood Hunts are their fate. By the end of one month’s time all Carthians are also to have left or been converted, or suffer the same.” This makes a stir in the crowd, which was quelled only by the fact that Bishop Coverstone had broken the council’s table and was now standing with a power that left a few kindred in the room quaking. This took Vern by some surprise, as Derrick was not one too show this amount of disrespect. Vern continues “I have been forced to do this, by recent actions taken against me, and all of us. With the recent attack on my personal property and now with last night’s attack on the elysium, I have no choice.” Derrick, in a voice that filled the hall announces, “All will be welcomed at “The Orphanage” and NO kindred, be he prince or archbishop will ever change this.” Vern immediately pronounces him an outcast and no longer fit to lead the LS or be on the primogen council. Derrick responded to this by throwing the pieces of the table left in his hands toward Vern and storming out of the court, taking many of his fellow LS with him. The crowd, becoming pandemonium, sees that Vern is still on stage, holding up his hand and looking for quiet. Many younger kindred within the hall start to shout, the blood within them starting to boil in rage. The elders within the walls are finding their way out, with whatever speed they have at their disposal. They do not want to risk any lingering in the hall. Donald, having all of his brood close to the stage, leads them out of the hall and into a waiting limousine. Robert takes the hands of Victoria and Daise, leading them out to a waiting car. Dianna throws her arm around Paul’s neck and drags him to the waiting limousine. Hannah, having seen enough school yard fights to know that once they are this big, the only thing to do is not to get hurt by them and finds a back way out to an alley. Hugh knows that Stacey does not have the strength or wits to do well in that environment pulls her out of the melee, protecting her all the way, and heads for the safety of the “Shit Hole”. James seeing his sire, Judy, on the stage makes his way there, once together they head out of the hall with a small contingent of carthians with them. Gracey, knowing what can happen if caught in the middle of a brawl like this, grabs onto Sarah and they push their way out of the hall and onto the street. They make a break for it, moving 3 blocks away before hailing a cab, to take them anywhere else.

Starting Night Thirteen

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Night Thirteen

This is not a night that we role-played, rather it’s some down time information about actions that take place around the player characters. With this, I hope to make what is going on in the city around the characters more immediate to them. As this is all “story” from me, I hope that I can make enough sense with it to do a good job of getting the ideas across. Now on to the show…

As the sun sets on yet another gloomy day in the city, the kindred stir to meet with the revelations from the night before. As many find out, after rising from their daily rest, a few more kindred of this city no longer walk the earth. It seems fitting that tonight has a court planned for it. As the heralds have been ringing out over the past few days, everyone is required to come to this court, even though some had been shut out of them, before. This court is important enough that all need to be there.

Paul and Gracey awake to the ringing of Paul’s cell phone, its Dianna calling to see what her newest childe is up to, as it has been a rare occurrence for him not to be home. Paul tells her that he can take care of himself and, yes, he will be at the court tonight. Gracey, still a little “out of it”, is startled to find Paul in her bed, at first, but then relaxes, as the memories of last night wash over her. They both find enough to wear to start out their night and seem content with what has happened, for now. Sarah walks into the apartment a short time after they had gathered themselves and asks Gracey about the court tonight, to make sure she goes.

Victoria arises at her haven to find it just the same as before. She takes care of the little tasks that always need to be done, at the start of each night. About the time she is done with this, Robert calls to ensure her presence at the court tonight. She appeases him enough to let her off the phone.

Christian makes his way through the evening’s work and checks in with Donald to see what arrangements have been made for tonight’s court. After hearing the plan for this evening, he feels he has time to stop at “Nibble” to see if Vincent has found anything. Vincent was able to confirm that the car explosion a couple nights ago was indeed Vern’s car and that two guys died in it. Vincent also goes into how a few of the other bouncers seem to think Vern is pressing on something too hard and it may, very well, explode in his face. Christian tells Vincent that he needs to head out, as he has an engagement to go to.

Hannah wakes up and starts her evening in her usual languid method. Afterwards, she receives a call from Nadene Karmel reminding her of the court tonight and that she must attend, to show any that may have seen the loss of her sire as an opportunity to hold her down. She agrees to the outing, as she has grown tired of her apartment.

Hugh wakes to find his sire, Stacey, at his place and prepares himself for a repeat of last time. Tonight, she seems to be collected, calm, in full control of her emotions and is also in one of her finer dresses, not something she wears here, often. Stacey tells him to be sure to dress his best, for the court tonight. Then, she goes over the code of conduct with him. She tells him that this may not go well for them, because anytime Vern makes this proclamation at court, it tends to make others very upset.

James finds himself in the company of many a carthian tonight, as his sire,Judy, is hosting a meeting before tonight’s court to make sure everyone promises to be respectful of everyone at court and what the code of conduct will be, for it. James, not really paying much attention to it, is more interested in the rumors that others are passing around the room, quietly. Most of these rumors involve comments about how bad New Jersey smells, but it may be better than this place. Some comment on how The Order or the Invictus may need a few more members, and how they could fit into one or the other.

Night Twelve

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Well here we go again.

To start the night Hugh feels it is time to play with something bigger then his new handguns. He takes out a military specification sniper rifle and takes a short trip outside of the city limits to practice. This will take up a good share of his night – unfortunately, not quite all of it.

Paul starts the night in the mood to play with some one. This didn’t entertain him for long. He heads down to the site of the warehouse fire and takes a “look” around. In this “look around” he discovered that, most likely, the building fire started with an explosion and no other accelerants. He gives James a call to talk over what they did there. Paul has surmised that Hugh must have set off the explosion after the rest of the group left that night. After talking with James, Paul continues to look around the site for any other clues. After some time with that, he goes home to clean up.

Gracey checked her e-mail and had an error with the computer that prevented it from printing out the e-mail replies to her old cheerleading friends. She spends some time playing with that, to get them out. She discusses how she is enjoying her new job, but that it wasn’t what she expected and asks about their cheerleading season. After spending a little more time on-line, she gives Paul a call, to see what he is up to and finds him in the shower. After a short talk, they decide on meeting up at “Altered Currents” to chat.

Christian heads out to see if any of his bar friends have come up with information for him. (I relay some outside game information to him.) He stops at another club (Random Club 4) “Aurora” to see if there is any information here for him. At this club he meets up with Terrie, who is in on the kindred, and talks some about Vern. She relays about the fact that Vern’s car was destroyed last night and it took with it a few of his ghouls. She also tells him that Vern doesn’t know, as of yet, who did it and how. He goes back to “Open Traps” and talks with Missie and she tells him that Vern is running many businesses that she thinks are shady and some of the information she got scares her and she isn’t going to do any more digging for Christian. Christian then goes to “Orange Ranger” to find out what Andrea has to tell him. When he arrives, he finds Donald talking with her. Donald tells him to wait out in the bar for him. After twenty minutes of waiting, Donald leaves the back room, and motions Christian over to sit at a booth in the back. After both of them are seated, Donald tells Christian that he has found out about Christian asking his mortal contacts about Vern. Donald is not upset by this, He only asks for Christian to be more discrete about who he uses, as Andrea leads back to himself, far too directly, for his comfort. Donald inquires about what he has been able to find out with these conversations. Most of the information that Christian has received is not new to Donald. Donald, being the protective sire he is, warns Christian to watch out for what Vern might do, if he finds out about Christian looking into him. Donald also inquires about Christian’s new friends and how they might also be involved – the whole time, gauging how truthful Christian has been, with him.

Victoria stays at home going over what she learned from her meeting last night. She also discovers that her sire has moved out of the apartment. Out of the blue, (and as a shock to all of the players) while exploring around, she gets a call from Hannah. (Where’s a defibrillator when you need one?)

Hannah thinks tonight would be a good night to go out somewhere. She heads out the movie house that is nearby. She just watches a kung-fu flick – not that she was paying to much attention to it, as there was a couple using the darkened room for other things. This was a fun game time for Hannah as she had a use for the popcorn she picked up. After leaving the movie, she gives Victoria a call to see if she has an idea of something to do. Victoria suggests calling Gracey and Hannah makes the comment that she would “rather go out into the sun” (Needless to say, that starts some laugher and chatter). Victoria gets snippy with Hannah, as this is the first time she has shown any interest in anyone in the group.

This leads Victoria and Hannah into exploring Hannah’s sire’s old apartment. They both enter the apartment and see that someone else had been through and cleaned up the place, to get it ready for new tenants. Hannah looks around a little closer and finds some files that were hidden, in a compartment, in the spare room’s closet. These files seem to detail his dealings as Judex with the other Invictus in the city. They also show how Jacob had to make many concessions to others, to keep Jeff out of public trouble. Victoria feels that Christian would like the information from the files, gives him a call and talks him in to coming over. Victoria also invites James over to see if he may have any input on the files. Though James, a Carthian, does take a look at them, he sees nothing that is of great interest to him. Christian sees names that he is familiar with, but doesn’t talk much about it, until later. At this moment in time, Victoria gets Hugh on the phone, after making a few attempts, and has him come over, to see if he knows anything more than the rest of them do. Shortly After he arrives, they find that he doesn’t have anything new to add about the files, but with all of this new information, they start talking over what to do next.

Christian talks about how much of a pain Vern seems to be and informs the rest of the group about Vern’s car being attacked. This catches Hugh attention as he wants more details, but doesn’t let on that he knows what caused the attack. There’s more talk about going to the source of the problem – Vern’s haven, but the snag there, is: they have no clue were that might be. That discussion leads them to think of the blueprints of the elysium, one of many in the city, James has in his possession. This leads them to go out on a limb and strike at the stronger kindred on the whole. James, Christian, Hugh, Hannah, and Victoria all set out to pick up the blueprints, from James’ haven, and a bomb, from Hugh’s, to make ready for the run on the elysium. They arrive at the elysium, Hugh obfuscates himself and the bomb, to go in and set the bomb at a point determined will do the most damage to the place. After getting into the elysium, Hugh starts off to find the point he predetermined in the cab, and gets LOST. After wondering around for awhile, he finds a place that is familiar enough to set the bomb and still make it out of the building, so he sets the bomb and heads out of the elysium. Arriving back at the car Hugh gets in and they take off for their homes as the bomb goes of. They hurry home to beat the sunrise.

At the club, Paul and Gracey start to talk about how Gracey needs to learn how to use her body and new skills as a vampire, to get what she wants. They make their way back to a table and start talking about how Gracey should be able to get whatever she wants with all the assets she has. Paul sets the task for her to find the best looking guy in the club, other then him, start dancing with him and ask him to get her a drink – preferably an expensive one. She starts to ask him how to do this and he just tells her to go try, by ordering a drink and then not drinking it. The skimpy black dress she decided to ware shouldn’t hurt the cause. Gracey finally makes her way onto the dance floor, finding some random guy, starts to make him pliable, and asks him, after a short time, to go and bring her a drink. He does so without too much delay. She tries it and tells him to get something different. She flirts some more, and he fetches another drink. She, again, rejects it. With a little more flirting he goes over to the bar and brings back a bottle of wine and two flutes for her. She takes them from him and leaves the dance floor, under the assertion of going the restroom. After a short chat with Paul, she does make that stop at the bathroom. When she leaves the bathroom she goes and sits with Paul, with apparently way more confidence, because, when she sits down, she is facing Paul and straddling him. With comments on how well she did and with her not thinking to stop flirting, Paul stands up with her in his arms and heads for the car. Gracey is still wrapped around him with the wine and flutes over his shoulders. They take Paul’s limousine back to her place and Paul shows her what could happen next.

Ok, here is night twelve after many tries at it…


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In the larger cities of the world, there are many denizens of the night, crowding the streets. What few are listed here are but simple examples…

We with in the Darkness Unvailed playgroup have started to play the new Vampire: the Requiem from White Wolf. With this new game, there came a need for a new setting and new NPCs… I, as the storyteller for the game, have made an effort to get a short write-up on all of the NPCs up for my players and others to reference on-line; to better get the feel of what I have going on, in my head. It also reminds me of what train of thought I was on when I thought of them in the first place. As we continue to play, I will add to the list and work on fleshing out the ones that are already there. As I am not the most prolific writer or idea maker, it will take some time. If you see an NPC that you would like to know more about, drop a note here. Also, if you see one that is on the working list, but not up, give it your try to make their background.

Night Eleven Update

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I fixed a few errors in the text and add the changes made by the site editor…

We started this right after night ten on the same gaming night.

Well, on this night James, Gracey, and Hannah decide that it is time for them to find some blood. (A few quick rolls and way too much chatter later, we move on.) Paul calls up some friends and has Christian over to partake in the fun. Paul was able to gather a few friends over to make the night more fun for Christian. Christian does take one of the guests off to the side. After this, Paul gives James a call to see if he would also like to have some fun and pick up Hugh on the way. This did not sound like something James wanted to do, but he gave into Paul’s request. James and Hugh arrive a little later at Paul’s. A short time after they arrive, Christian sets out to talk with some of his contacts. At (Random bar 1) “Open Traps” he runs into Missie the head bartender and night manager and asks her about Vern to see if she had been hearing anything about him. She didn’t have anything at this time, but said she would keep her ears open for anything interesting. With a little passing conversation he heads out for the next place on his route. At (Random bar 2) “Nibble” he found Vincent, the lead bouncer, and asks if he could keep an ear out for anything on Vern. Vincent tells him that there has been some talk about a car getting mangled that was tied to some Vern guy. Christian chats with him and little and heads out to the next place. At (Random bar 3) “Random Acts” he was looking for someone mortal that he knows, but instead comes across Riley. Riley tells him that Vern’s Car got hit by some gang bangers. They killed two of his people and got the cops looking into why this happen so far out of “normal gang areas”. It has also gotten Vern investigating what is behind this new assault on him. This gave Christian something to think about and Riley something else to get to just giving Christian a heads up.

Hannah, in the mean time, goes out for a walk. I ask about what type of walk she was going on, she just wanted to walk around the area close to her place. Not much ever comes of it. Victoria does make it to the meeting with Nadene to find that Nadene has an interest in helping Victoria along, on her way through the mine field that is coming her way. After her meeting with Nadene, Victoria gives Gracey a call to set up a place to meet to trade the file she has. As Gracey gets back to her place she checks her e-mail and finds some from her old team mates. (Check her background for info.) (I gave the player the assignment to tell me what was in the e-mail she sent back.) Gracey tries Paul, getting his voice mail, then she calls Victoria back and sets up the meeting for trading the file. Victoria tells Gracey she will give it back, but Gracey will owe her a favor later. After this short meeting, Gracey takes the last file back to the office. At this point in Hannah’s walk, I throw in that she notices that another vampire is in the area around her. She continues to walk around. After Gracey was done taking the files back the question of did she make copies of the files and after having a roll decide, I go with, she made copies of the important information. Victoria accepts that and leaves her alone. Gracey heads back to her haven, but decides along the way to stop at a park close by for so time to contemplate resent events. This leads into more mostly out of game chatter. During Gracey’s walk in the park, she meets up with a Nosferatu named Minth. They have a short talk that ends without much resolution in the conversation.

We wrap up the night with everyone heading back to their havens for the next days rest.

Night Ten Update

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I fixed a few errors in the text and add the changes made by the site editor…

Into night ten…

About three weeks ago, I did some one-on-one storytelling with most of the players to give some more information about the world around them and spark some more interest in the game. I put up the preface texts that I used in these for the most part. In this, I am moving onto what happened after those little events. I am hoping for the players to write what happened in those events and their reactions to it. Now on with the show…

As Gracey leaves her place of capture, she heads directly to her haven to retrieve the files that she had stolen a few nights earlier, only to take the files back to the office that they came from. Victoria heads for her haven to see what is left of all the information that she has been accumulating in the past nights. Christian exits the back room of the club his sire had put him in and heads out to see if he can find out some more information on Vern. James, in a huff about what his sire has told him, decides that there is little to do but wait and see. Hugh gets proactive and goes out to a “friend’s” place and has a talk with this friend about “some thing he over heard a few nights ago”. Paul after getting himself let go by one of the resident servants, goes on the prowl for some release. Gracey, on the trip home, remembers that Victoria had taken one of the files from her and gives her a call. Victoria, not being in the mood for requests, gives her the brush off, even with Gracey making promises that may get her in too deep for her own good, to get the files back. As she makes her way into her apartment, Gracey gathers all of the files that she has and takes a cab back to the office that they came from. After dropping off the files she needs to relax and heads out to the club they had went to a little over a week ago “Altered Currents”. (Gracey will be there for some time as the rest of the group spends time this night.)

Victoria makes it to her haven to find that her sire’s office is cleaned out and much of her office has been gone through, but not much has been taken. This makes her take stock of her computer files, noticing that her e-mail traps are not being any thing back to her. She does, however, have an e-mail from Nadene Karmel asking her to call. (Check listing for info on Nadene) After some thought, Victoria does give Nadene a call to see what is on her mind. Nadene just asks for Victoria to meet her tomorrow at an art museum that is protected. Victoria finds little fault in this plan and makes the arrangements. After this she makes a call to Hugh.

Christian heads to the “Orange Ranger” to see if he can get any thing from there, stops at the bar to talk with Jacob, the bartender, locate were Andrea is. Jacob questions why Christian has not been around the place, to make some chatter and gives him the nod to head into the backroom to go see Andrea. Arriving at the office, he waits a moment before he gets noticed, as she was deep in paper work. He gets right to the point and asks her about Vern to see if she has herd anything. She mentions that Vern is not one to frequent this type of place and he tens to be all, holier then thou, about it. Christian then heads out. A short time after Christian finds a place to take care of his hunger; he gets a call from Hugh inviting him over to play with some new toys.

Hugh heads over a few blocks and finds one of his friends that he has had some less then legal dealings with. Hugh gets to the “office”, a back bedroom in a less then nice apartment complex, and talks with Samuel about this things he has been hearing, out on the street about this guy Vern that keeps mouthing off about how he is going to clean up around here and send Samuel and his friend packing. This makes Samuel less then happy to hear, but thankful for the heads up. Hugh tries to play it off as nothing to big and that Samuel can pay him later, but Samuel will have nothing to do with that and wants to pay right away. Samuel doesn’t like owing debts. He heads to the back room and grabs a few things, a 50 cal, a modified AK, and a pair of Beretta P92s that have been turned into full auto handguns and have 30 round mags. (Don’t need to say anything about that.) Hugh looking at them decides on those Berettas, and gives Samuel his thanks. Hugh having his new toys head straight to “Shit Hole” to test his new toys. After playing for a while, he gives Christian a call to see if he possibly wants to come and play also. Christian makes his way over and gets to test the new hardware. After Christian gets a few tries, Hugh gets a call from Victoria and invites her down, also. Victoria arrives and takes her turn with the new toys. The night was getting ready to creep into day light so everyone decides to head home.

Paul, hanging for awhile in the “study” before being let down by one of the servants, decides that it is time to find some thing to play with. This provides him with a distraction for a while. After cleaning up, he gives his PI, Adam Holt, a call and leaves a message to have him look into that warehouse fire from a few nights ago. Hanging up from his call to Adam, Paul was still felling restless and decides to head out to his normal haunt “Altered Currents”. He arrives there a short time after Gracey had gotten there. Feeling the presence of another vampire, he looks around, but does not find a face to go with the felling. Paul, being himself, just looks for a great looking piece of flesh heads out onto the dance floor and starts dancing with whatever looked the best. Gracey, having noticed Paul when he came in, makes her way over to him, scaring away the person he started to dance with. They chat about a few things before Gracey wants to take a table so they can talk better. They make their way off the floor and to a table and sit for a short time before Gracey start to talk about how they should continue to explore their relationship. Paul manages to be polite for a short time before getting bored with it. The day was coming soon so it gave him an easy way to get out of the chat without hurting Gracey feelings to much.

Well the make it back to their havens and we start the next night…

Web site

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Changed some of the stuff on the site it self agian… Still working with design ideas though… All the changed NPC backgrounds are now over there also…

Letter from the “editor”

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I’m doing my best to make the blog more fluent for those who can’t read Lennian [those who can, know what that is]. However, I will only be editing the Storyteller’s entries, unless otherwise requested. I will be concentrating my efforts on new entries, while slowly making my way to the beginning of the blog. This may take a while, as my time for doing so is limited. If you happen to spot mistakes, please don’t hesitate to point them out. Comments are encouraged!
Thank you for your support!

Victoria Trammel

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My name is Victoria Trammel and this is my story. Well part of it anyway. I was raised by my Aunt Judy and Uncle Charlie in Charleston. My parents died in a car crash in Switzerland when I was a few months old. They had left me in the care of my aunt and uncle that year. Dad was driving when he lost control of the car and sent them plummeting to their deaths at the bottom of a mountain.
Judy doesn’t talk much about it, because my mother was her favorite baby sister. The other sister, Daise, is a black sheep and so Judy doesn’t talk about her either. I did find an old picture of Daise in Judy’s things. She looked beautiful. I envied her being able to get away from here and see new things.
I was an only child and so was doted upon but never spoiled. I strove to be the best in my class so I could follow Daise’s footsteps and get out of this town. I wanted to travel the world. When I was done with high school I went to Yale and got a doctorate in business. I figured that would be helpful to my goal.
A couple of years after I started working in my uncle’s consulting firm he retired and turned over the business to me. Oh how I hated him that day. He had effectively shut down all my plans to travel. I was stuck running the business. When I confronted him he just looked at me with eyes full of innocence and told me that I was the only one he could trust to not run the business into the ground. My relationship with Judy and Charlie grew distant as I threw myself into work to keep from killing someone.
I seemed to have an instinct for knowing when to sell and when to hold, so make money I did. The employees started joking about magic and witches telling me about the investments, but I paid them little heed as I tried to figure out how to get out of this town. I got the idea to expand my business and so set about trying to figure out good locations. I knew that I would have to run each new office for about 6 months to make sure it was not going to collapse so my dreams of leaving Charleston would come true at last. Over the next few years I opened offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Tampa, Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and New York.
It was while I was in Chicago that I ran into Daise. Well to tell the truth, she hunted me down. She was standing outside my building one night when I got off work. She invited me for a couple of drinks to catch up. I told her I would meet her at the bar and went back to my hotel to change. I got to the bar and went inside. It was dark, but quieter than most bars. It seemed to me the kind of place people did serious drinking, without a lot to distract them. I spotted my aunt at a table and walked over. On my way I saw several couples making out. It seemed that everyone was having a neck nuzzled by someone else and I felt myself blushing.
I got to the table and sat down and my aunt pushed a drink towards me. I took a sip while waiting for her to speak. We talked long into the night and I told her about my business. She suggested New York for my next office. She even knew someone who could help me get started. I liked the idea from the start. I had been told that New York had everything and it sounded perfect.
I told her it would be about a month before I could leave the Chicago area. She laughed and said that time was of no importance. I glanced at my watch and realized it was 4am. I told her I had to go and stood up. She said that she would find me again before I left town to make arrangements. I agreed and headed towards the door calling a cab on my cell phone.
A week before I could leave, Daise found me again and gave me the name of a bar in New York that I could find her when I arrived. I asked her to fly with me and she said that she had her own arrangements and just to meet her at the bar in ten days at midnight.
After I got everything taken care of in Chicago I flew out to New York and checked into a hotel. That first night I slept like a baby. The next day I headed around trying to find a place to set up office. I worked day and night, but couldn’t find a good spot. The night I was supposed to meet with Daise came and so I went to the bar. My aunt walked in and sat down at the table. I asked where the guy I was supposed to meet was and she said he would be in tomorrow night at midnight. She told me to be here then she got up and left. I stared after her in surprised that she would be so rude. I had second thoughts at that time, but I was having such a hard time finding a place that I figured it couldn’t hurt to meet this guy at least.
The next night I was seated in the back corner of the bar when I saw them walk in. My aunt pointed at me and then left. The guy started walking towards me. Watching him move towards my table I was reminded of a predator stalking its prey and I shivered. When he got to the table he sat down across from me. He had the most striking eyes I had ever seen. When I met his gaze it was as if he could read my every thought and was gazing right into my soul.
“So you’re Victoria”

Rudolph Antal

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Though enforcement falls upon others in the city, Rudolph gets answers anytime he asks for them. As one of the more powerful within the LS, he has always been highly respected by others. The LS is often in need of answers that others do not want to give and sometimes more then a little persuasion is needed. This is where Rudolph shines. Having been doing this work for many decades, he is good at it. Though, with Vern taking power, he has seen an increase in his business and that is troubling to him. It’s not that he minds the extra work, but he does not like to waste time with things he believes are beneath him.

Prince’s Court

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I have gotten the outline of what happened at these meeting, but as of yet to flesh them out. If you would like to see the outlines let me know and I will post them here if not I will post them as soon as I get them in shape.

Word Press Update

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I did the word press update to 1.5, but it has broke a few thing I am working on fixing them.. Thanks Joe

Minth Nosferatu Invictus

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In exchange for a little information, Marvin had given Minth a place to hunt and hide. This was a few years ago and Minth still calls this park “home”. He keeps the place clear of stray animals and reports to Marvin once a week. Having this place mostly to himself, he enjoys watching the people who visit.
About six months ago a new face in the crowd caught his attention. She was a fresh vampire, not yet sure of the new world around her. Normally, if some one like this came into his park, he would just ask them to leave and then report the incident to Marvin, but this time it was different for him. As he watched, he didn’t see any indication that she had come here to feed. It was as if she was just walking the park like many of the mortals do. After being shut out from most of his kind, due to that little bit of information he had given Marvin, he felt it was time to make a friend. That’s is indeed what happened. Over the next few months, they started to talk with one another and found a common feeling of loneliness. She is, so far, the only vampire in his park that Marvin does not know about.

Marvin Mekhat Invictus

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In playing the game, Marvin has been well rounded with what he has gone after. He has been able to capture control over most of the parks in the city and all of the airports. If a vampire wants to fly in or out of the city, Marvin must been in the loop. His control of the parks affords him the right to grant feeding privileges to those he chooses and that gives him a bargaining chip in almost any negotiation. He continues to strengthen his hold on these areas by making sure that no one breaks his rules. Having this vast amount of responsibility throughout the city, is not easy and takes most of his time every night. He has given in to the fact that he will never get all of the land in the city, but he does love the challenge of working towards that goal. All work and no play isn’t good for anyone especially a kindred, so he takes a night off every month to go and see the sights he controls, incognito. This night is not something he shares with anyone as it is the one time he doesn’t take his guards with.

NPC updates

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New link to the working file for NPCs. Agian this is just a working file so many things can change with out notice…

Site Updates

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I have been working on getting more of the information up to the web site to help everyone with the game hope you enjoy… 🙂