Well, after a few nights of play and a few nights in the game, all of the PC have met and seem to get along, for the most part. There is always the one exception to that, though.

First Night

We get to the game site and everyone does the "meet and greet" with those they don't know already, short one player due to schedule conflict and starting the game 2 weeks earlier that expected. I had done some work with getting everyone a character before hand. I asked them to write up a background for the person that they wanted to be (Mortal. Those are now posts for you to read on the main site or earlier in the blog). Then, I gave them a sheet to start the "filling-in-the-dots" part of the process. I did assign clans, in which I took over the responsibly to make up sires (I was going to do that in the two weeks I did not get). I gave them their choice for covenant from Invictus, Carthian, Ordo Dracul, and Unaligned if they could tell me why the character would go that way. We took care of this before the first night, for most of them. I have five players who have RP'ed before. Three of them in V:tM and one of them that has been in AD&D games, but does not seem to play them much. The other is the DM for the AD&D game part of the group that I have been playing with (Having played AD&D with her). Also, one piece of fresh meat - soon to be two. That will take the few weeks that there was suppose to be.

I, the ST, lost for anything better start off, tell them they have been vampires for a year. Informing them that they have an order from their sires that they need to attend this meeting tonight (to get the PCs in one room) at some building, that I have no clue what address it is going to be. Of course, everyone being nice to the poor ST, goes along with the meeting idea. Therefore, I have them all arrive separately, talk them though going up to the meeting room and tell them what the room looks like. As they come into the room I have, the others describe their character to the newly arrived. (Things are going too well.) They all sit down and have a little chatter. (This gave me time to decide "what to do next" and they knew it.) I have a light come on and send in a NPC (That later becomes the sheriff.) to talk with them. (I hit a brick right after I have him walk in.) He does a "Hello, you're stupid" type of maneuver and tells them he has something to take care of quickly and says he will be back, soon. (Well, that was some time wasted.) I let them talk to each other some more (Some know I am stalling; some do not.) then, have them make a roll. (Light came on a little brighter this time) two of the characters succeed the roll (one of them being the DM, the other - someone who has played V:tM a bit) to hear what sounded like an explosion. (Later they will find out differently.) They stare at each other (FUCK) (Then the light starts to brighten more.), the fire alarm goes off. This gets them all moving. I had let one of them have a limousine to drop him off, so that picks them up and they all go a club that one of the characters frequents (Thank God for players that think once in a while, for me). This gets to be fun as earlier I had them roll blood pool and the newest player only got a three. Before they get there, though, they need to do some shopping, to spruce up their appearance. (Some people were not dressed up enough to go to the club. It's a large club with lots of bodies - this IS going to be fun!) This went well for them. On the way to the club Paul pulls out some bottled blood, (Ok it's a stretch, but for the first night I was lax in what I would let them get away with.) spiked of course. Paul takes a sip, as does Christian and so does Gracey May. While Christian and Paul are fine with it, Gracey has some issues with it and downs the bottle, getting a little loopy in the process. We get to the club and suddenly Paul (The one with the limo.) wants to know the driver's name (Crap!), I tell him he does not use his name. (I do not have one and I was at a loss for one, it ended up being David.) That was enough for right at that moment. Paul greets the bouncer and is allowed in with no problems. So they all enter and get a short description of the place. Some of them decide to take up a table at the back of the club. Paul (The DM.) and Christian (Played V:tM some but not much.) decide to go up to the bartender and order a drink. (They are doing so just for looks.) (Well it is time for that hunger check [CRAP] she passes, nothing there.) Paul asks if the boss is in (I had a name for the bartender: Chris.), the bartender says the boss is busy. They pick up the drinks and scope the room. Back at the table, someone decides it's time to dance. (She was at least trying.) Gracey Mae asks if any of the others at the table would go dancing with her and gets a resounding "Hell No", so she starts to make her way over to the bar. (Here comes that hunger check again, passed again.) (WTF?!) She finds Paul and asks him to dance, he says "no" and looks for someone he "knows well" (I roll to make up my mind, he finds two), so off he goes. Gracey decides that it would be just as much fun to dance with the club décor as with any one. This gets the attention of the people at the table who, work at and finally do, bring Gracey back to the table. (Hunger check, passed again, {note to self, check her dice. CRAP! She is using some of mine}) Paul plays with his two friends and then comes back to the table. (Note on what "plays with" means. The character has stealth 3 with a note that is for use inside the city, popping in and out of crowds and such. He made the roll I called and popped up behind the first one and was acting kind of possessive {read the background for more info} of her, to the guy she was talking with and, kind of, scared her.) I tell the players it is getting late their characters had better head back to their havens. (One last hunger roll to get some action out of it. Holy shit! She failed!) I call a roll, for the others to notice. Two do. They go over to get a hold of her. She fights and, of course, that draws the attention of the others. They manage to control her long enough to get her into the limousine and to a back ally were some poor homeless guy almost is killed. (Gave her a WP roll to control how much she drank. I AM nice, sometimes!) She starts to get back into the limo and Paul decides he has had enough (I call a WP roll that I will regret latter) and hauls off to hit Gracey. (Call another WP roll that he passes this time.) He stops hitting Gracey and lets her get in to the trunk of the limousine, as she is pretty rank from the bum she just had. (Some spice to the story.) Every one gets home and leaves numbers with every one else so they can talk to each other.

The end of the game night one.

We all chat a little bit about what has happened so far in the game while we get ready to leave for home. Everyone decides to play next week instead of playing D&D. Well, that meant a lot of work for me, but hey, it’s a game and it is a lot of fun.

More to come later, but my wrists say it is time to stop for tonight. Will go into day two next time. Maybe I can get it done in a few less words.

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