This happens on the same night of play as night fourteen, I have been trying to move thing a little faster, so we get more done each night with limited success. Will now we move into night fifteen.

James awakes to find that last nights confusion has continued into to night and that nothing seems to be moving forward. Looking for Judy, he finds her in a group in heavy debate about what should be done next. See that at best the debate is going in a circle he starts to look for other faces in the crowd.

Hugh awakes and takes stock of his surroundings and finds that Stacey has slipped out at some point and is no where to be found. This troubles him some; as he is not sure she is safe or ready for what mite happen. About the time he finishes his rounds, he runs across James and they start to make some plans. Hugh is worried about his "collection" at the "Shit Hole". After talking with James awhile Hugh gives a call to Paul.

Again at the Invictus club the group finds itself and start to look forward. Christian is summoned over to a table where his sire sits. Donald has some advice for Christian and also wants to know, what it anything Christian mite have herd in the past few days, as Donald knows Christian has been poking around. Christian relays what information he has and some of it was news to Donald, but not much. Donald admonitions Christian about who he associates with as these are dangerous time right now. This gives Christian food for though as he leaves the table as a group has arrived to talk with Donald.

Gracey not knowing real why she stay last night feels it is time to leave and head out the door calling a cab to get a ride home. She gets outside and starts to wait for the cab, when a short time later Paul comes out to talk with her and gets her to come back in after waving off the cab.

Victoria takes a seat with Nadene to see if there is anything Nadene and tell her about these pass few nights. Though Nadene does not say much about it she does sound concerned that this is happen now and not latter. This give Victoria the feeling that plans may already be in the works for taking care of things. Victoria then wonders off to a table with Hannah to see if any other news has come up. As Victoria takes a seat Christian also sits and they start talking about what is going on. About this time Paul and Gracey sit at table close by and they all start to talk. A short time later Paul gets a call from Hugh to see what is going on with him and to see if he has news of the others. As they talk plans are formed to go and pick up Hugh's stuff from the "Shit Hole". Paul checks with Dianna to see if it would be safe to use the limousine right now, it was. Hugh make one more check for Stacey while waiting for Paul and the other to arrive with the limousine, not finding her he give her a call and leaves a message.

Some time later they have all made it to Paul's sires place and have talked about what to do tonight. They all decide that getting the stuff from the "Shit Hole" may come in handy with what is going on. Paul has them get into a couple of SUVs and head on of to the "Shit Hole". As they all arrive they notice that the normal crowd is at the place and start the loading process. This takes quite a long time as there is much to move and most of it is heavy. They get what can fit into the SUVs and head back to Paul's sire's to unload it all. This takes time, also, and they feel that there is not enough time to get the rest tonight, and make plans to pick it up the next night. As Paul has space most of them stay the night, though Gracey feels that it is time to head home, with a quick ride from Paul she makes it home and rests the day away waiting for the others to call the next night.

This end the next night that we played that same night of gaming and we do start in on a third night and that is come out nextů

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