Here, again, I will make a note that, due to my laziness and lack of a good memory, some events may not been in the order that they actually happened .

Ok, they are all back for some more. This is the first night that everyone was at the game, although the newest person, soon to play Hugh, didn’t have his character done. This is, of course, all my fault as I was unable to take some time and drive 20 miles to finish up with him, one-on-one. We start the game with him working on his character sheet and the game being very distracting to him and me. We just finish the sheet by the end of the night.

To start the evening, in the game, Gracey calls Paul. With the little disagreements that Gracey and Paul have been getting into, Gracey is trying to get Paul not to be mad at her. Paul takes most of what is said and twists it into the context that he wants it to be in (invitation to him to have her in whatever way he could think of) instead of how it was meant to be - an attempt to start a friendship. Paul sends the limousine out to pick up Gracey. As the limousine is on its way, I try to get the others involved in the night. Hugh wants to feed due to rolling a three for starting blood pool. I ask them what type of feeding they would like to do, fast and messy, slow and enjoyable, or the pain and suffering method. (These each take different skills and get different dice pools. In my stories, feeding is really simple in game play, I do this because if I don’t, I spend a night role-playing seven feedings. I make an error with how many blood points they can take, due to playing V:tM too much, and tell them 6 should be about two or three, I still have not made that correction in the game.) He finds one victim to feed off of and I let it go at that. (Later in the game, feeding will become more of an event, but I am still trying to get them to role-play normal activity.) Other than that, no one seems to want to do anything, so the limousine picks up Gracey and takes her back to Paul’s. The conversation goes downhill at Paul’s, but they do find some common ground. Paul goes and gives Gracey little pat on the ass as they walk out to the limousine to pick up the others. Victoria looks around her haven for her sire and finds he is not around. Shortly after that, the limousine shows up at the house. There is a quick exchange and the door, then on to the next house. Hannah gets a call from Paul as the limousine arrives at her haven. Rinse/wash, repeat for the rest of the group. (Damn limousine!)

This is the end of the gaming night, due to too much OOC rambling. The next game night starts.

So, now they are all in the limousine and head somewhere. Well, since the driver has the choice, he pulls up to a small bar - a dirty, dingy hole in the wall that confuses Paul as to why he would go into such a place. The rest of the group gets out and goes into the bar. As they enter, they all make a taint roll. Christian fails. For effect, I sent him across the room to Hugh who is just sitting at a table minding his own business, when (smack!) Christian put his fist into High’s face. Hugh, being stunned, just looks at him asks what he is doing. (Composure roll, pass.) Christian finds himself enough to apologize for hitting Hugh as most of the group makes their way to the table. Paul stayed out on the floor more to better observe the bar. Gracey takes a seat at the table, while Christian, Victoria, and James just stand by it. Gracey asks a few pointless questions, I throw in a little distraction about a chick checking out Victoria. After some talking, Hugh decides to go with the group back to Paul’s sire’s to talk over some plans and to get out of this place. (Aptly named “Shit Hole”) When they arrive back at Paul’s sire’s place, they gather in the living room. Gracey opened her mouth and started to make the wrong words come out and set Paul off. So while the others watch the news and talk to each other, Paul drags Gracey into his “study,” a nice room with chain and leather motif, Make contested rolls all the way into the room and then into the cuffs. (Yeah, sick and wrong, but it is what it is.) After causing Gracey some pain, Paul sends her off to a bathroom to clean up, and Hugh to another to have him clean up. Paul goes off and looks for his sire to see what is going on for the night. I take Paul’s player off to another room to make talking with his sire private and give the others some time to talk to each other. The sire chat goes off without much information getting out. .(Still getting everything straight in my head and finding a few more details to twist into the story.) Unbeknownst to the storyteller, the rest of the group gathers around the TV, flipping through channels to decide what to watch. They pause briefly on the golf channel and try to explain the “sport” to Hugh. After being unable to explain the concept to him, (Hugh doesn’t understand why the balls don’t blow up or kill livestock with them) they resume flipping channels. So, by the time I get back into the room, they have decided that Gracey had gotten cleaned up and was back in the room, acting like a scared kitten. Victoria and James rip into Paul about his treatment of Gracey, Christian gets in a few words and Paul starts to make an attempt at an apology and Gracey takes it for the effort - if not the sincerity that it was said with. This made it late in the night and it was time for everyone to go home. (Limousine rides all around again. I really do hate that damn limousine.)

Well with a little chatter, we all head home for the night. Hopefully, it will not take me another week and a half to get out night four.

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