Christian Wright

Ventrue Invictus

After his parent died in a car accident when he was 16, Christian dropped out of school and ran with a local street gang for a year. When he held his best friend in his arms watching him die from multiple gunshot wounds after a fight with a rival gang. He decided it was time to go back to school and straighten his life out.

He left California and moved in with his grandparents in Carson City Nevada to finish high school. In his senior year he met and fell in love with Violet Price, a girl born into money. After graduating, they married and moved to Lansing Michigan where Christian found what work he could for four years while Violet attended MSU to get a business degree.

From there they moved to Minneapolis Minnesota to live the life they'd always dreamed. They opened a dance club and named it "Lost in the Mist." The club was a big hit and drew a large crowd nearly every night. A year later, their twin daughters, Jennifer and Stacy were born.

Five more years passed before Violet decided to leave Christian for a lawyer she met at the club. After the divorce, she moved with her new boyfriend to Texas and left Christian with nothing but "Lost in the Mist." He converted a storeroom into a small living space for himself and now he struggles just to keep the place open.

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