This is not a night that we role played, but some down time information about actions that take place around the player characters. With this I hope to make what is going on in the city around the characters more immediate to them. As this is all "story" from me I hope that I can make enough sense with it to do a good job of getting the ideas across. Now on to the show…

As the sunset on yet another gloomy day in the city, the kindred stir to meet with the revelations from the night before. As many find out, after rising from their daily rest, yet a few more kindred of this city, no longer walk the earth. It seems fitting that tonight has a court planed for it. As the heralds have been ringing out over the past few days everyone is to come to this court even though some had been shut out of them before. This court is important enough that all need to be there.

Paul and Gracey awake to the ringing of Paul's cell phone, its Dianna calling to see what her newest childe is up to, as it has been a rare occurrence for him not to be home. Paul tells her that he can take care of himself and yes he will be at the court to night. Gracey still a little out of it is startled to find Paul in her bed at first, but then relaxes as the memories of last night wash over her. They both find enough to wear to start out their night and seem content with what has happened for now. Sarah walk in to the apartment a short time after they had gather themselves and asks Gracey about the court tonight to make sure she goes.

Victoria arises at here haven to find it just the same as before. She takes care of the little tasks that she always needs to at the start of each night. About the time she is done with this, Robert calls, to ensure her presents at the court tonight. She appeases him enough to let her off the phone.

Christian makes his way through the evenings work and checks in with Donald to see what arrangement have been made for tonight court. After hearing the plan for this evening he feels he has time to stop at "Nibble" to see if Vincent has found anything. Vincent was able to confirm that the car explosion a couple nights ago was indeed Vern's car and that two guys died in it. Vincent also goes into how a few of the other bouncers seem to think Vern is pressing on something to hard and it may well explode in his face. Christian tell him that he needs to head out as he has an engagement to go to.

Hannah waking up and start her evening in her usual languid method. After her start to the day she receives a call from Nadene Karmel reminding her of the court tonight and that she must attend, to show any that may have seen the lose of her sire as an opportunity to hold her down. She agrees to the outing as she has grown tired of her apartment.

Hugh wakes to find his sire, Stacey, at his place and prepares himself for, some thing like last time. Tonight she seems to be collected and clam and is also in one of her finer dresses, not something she wares here often. Stacey tells him to be sure to dress his best, for the court tonight, and goes over the code of conduct with him. She seems to on top of her emotion tonight as she tells him that this may not go well for them as anytime Vern makes this proclamation at court it tens to, make other very upset.

James finds himself in the company of many a carthian to night as his sire is hosting a meeting before tonight court to make sure everyone knows to be respectful of all at court and what the code of conduct will be for it. James not really paying much attention to it is more interested in the rumors that other are passing around the room quietly. Most of these rumors involve comments about how bad New Jersey smells, but it may be better then this place. Some comment on how the order or the Invictus may need a few more members, and they could fit into one or the other.

At the court location, Natural History Museum, the whole of the Kindred population arrive slowly, with a few surprises in the crowd and on stage. On stage seat at his position is Bishop Coverstone and with in the crowd stirs Jacob with Jeff trailing behind. Enos is in a balcony over looking the proceedings, with a distrustful look to him, that is not his normal manifestation of menace. Though all are gathered here, many are not at ease, though they are all staying respectful of the proceedings. As a few of the last are announced and enter the court proper everyone begins to take seats to start the night's business. With the announcement that the court is now in order Vern appears on stage with a smug look that worries many in the audience.

Vern steps to the center of the stage without stopping at the primogen council's table, an unusual event. Vern raises his hand to quite what noise this had made and waits for silence to cover the crowd.

Vern start out, "With the events of the past year, I have been making every effort to rule this city without the harsh measures of the former leader." This give rise to many quick glances at Jacob, as he was not an over zealous leader. Vern continues, "As I have not been able to quell the turbulence in this time, cause by his sudden departure, with a soft hand, stronger measures will now be used. The sheriff has been informed that by the end of a weeks time, NO unaligned kindred or to be with in my city, be that by them, leaving, or becoming members of the Invictus, LS, or if need be the Order Dracul. If any remain at the end of this time Blood Hunts are their fate. By the end of one month's time all Carthian are also to have left or converted, or suffer the same." This makes a stir in the crowd, which was quelled only by the fact that Bishop Coverstone had broken the council's table and was now standing with a power that had a few kindred in the room quaking. This did take Vern with some surprise; as Derrick was not one too show this amount of disrespect. Vern continues "I have been forced to do this, by resent actions taken against me and all of us. With the resent attack on my personal property and now with last night's attack on the elysium, I have no choice." Derrick in a voice that filled the hall announces, "All will be welcomed at "The Orphanage" and NO kindred, be he prince or archbishop will ever stop this." Vern immediately pronounces him an outcast and no longer fit to lead the LS or be on the primogen council. Derrick responded to this by throwing the pieces of the table left in his hands toward Vern and storming out of the court, taking many of his fellow LS with him. The crown becoming, pandemonium, sees that Vern is still on stage, and holding up his hand looking for quite. Many younger kindred with in the hall start to shout, the blood with in them starting to boil in rage. The elders with in the walls finding there way out, with what ever speed they have at their disposal, as not wanting to risk any lingering with in the hall. Donald having all of his brood, close to the stage, leads them out of the hall and into a waiting limousine. Robert takes the hands' of Victoria and Daise leading them out to a waiting car. Dianna throws her arm around Paul's neck and drags him to the waiting limousine. Hannah having seen enough school yard fights to know that once they are this big the only thing to do is not to get hurt by them and finds a back way out to an alley. Hugh know that Stacey does not have the strength or wits to do will in that environment pulls her out of the melee, protecting her all the way, and heads for the safety of the "Shit Hole". James seeing his sire on the stage makes his way there, once together they head out of the hall with a small continent of carthians with them. Gracey knowing what can happen, if caught in the middle of a brawl like this, grabs onto Sarah and they push their way out of the hall and onto the street. They make a break for it, moving 3 blocks away before hailing a cab, to take them anywhere else.

Donald has the driver take the group to a club that has been closed for repair and was about to reopen soon to sort out all of the happenings of tonight. He then turns to his brood asking each of them if they are in need of any attention, stopping with Christian to tell him that this is going to get worst before it is over.

Robert sitting in the front seat tells the driver to head to a club that Victoria knows is closed. Once they arrive at the club, she knows that this is going to be a lot more then a place to hide. Victoria watches as Robert pulls Daise in with him, "yelling" at her to follow them in. As soon as she is out of the car it speeds off.

Dianna stares at Paul as they move down the road to a club that he knows is closed for repair. She start to tell him that now he has little choice other then listen to her and thing are about to get ugly, and he needs to see some thing other then himself as important. She continues on telling him that he no longer has his freedom and will start to respect her on way or the other. Paul feels the rush of blood down the inside of his neck. He hasn't felt a burning like this inside of since the first time he met Dianna. The rush subsides shortly before they get to the club. Dianna guides him into the club and all he sees is the other Invictus he hates.

Outside the museum is taken by the arm and lead to a car by Nadene, as she is telling her to stay calm and not to worry. As they both settle in to the car it takes off to an address that Nadene gave the driver. During this trip neither of them talks, as they both seem to have something on their minds. The car stops and Nadene gets out, she ducks back down to tell Hannah to get out of the cab. Hannah gets out and fallows Nadene into the club were there seems to be a gathering started.

The driver without any directions leaves as soon as the doors shut. Judy starts to talk with everyone in the limousine asking for any input on what to do with Vern and if now could be the right time to try a seize control over the city. With all of this talk time seems to slip away and the limousine stops in front of an old warehouse building on the docks. Dianna makes mention that, this place, is assured to her, of being safe by Andrew, which seem to clam a few that are in the limousine. They all get out and head in to the warehouse, asking questions of each other, but no really getting any answers.

After some time in the cab Sarah come to her senses and tell the driver an address to go to. The driver tells her that the place has been closed for repair for some time, may be she should go else where. Sarah tells him no that's the place. Sarah relaxes in the seat a bit and tells Gracey not to worry to much as they will be safe there. The driver stops across the street and asks it he should stay as the club looks to be closed. Sarah pays him for the ride and tells him to be on his way. Sarah grabs Gracey by the arm and heads across the street and knocks on the door. Gracey feels all of the others with in the place and is not sure about what is about to happen. The door opens and they are let into what seem to be a large meeting of the Invictus.

Half way to the "Shit Hole" Stacey tells Hugh to turn and head out to the docks. Hugh not sure about the directions, sighs, and makes his way to the place Stacey tells him to. As they arrive he feels the others around and makes sure this is where Stacey wants to be, she tells him that it is safe and that they should head in.

For most of the rest of the night the gathered Invictus talk out what to do next to rid themselves of Vern as he has now shown that he has no hope of continuing as leader of this city. The club though not large has enough save places for all of the gathered kindred to stay for the day, even with that many of the old kindred leave to go back to their havens.

At the warehouse a large amount of the Carthian Movement from the city are gathered and talking about what to do next as Vern has now crossed the line of no redemption. Though the warehouse is safe for the day many of the better established, head out for their own havens. Judy stays to keep the trust of many of the younger in the movement, as not to let them go off the path to far. Everyone is given space to sleep for the day as many of the group talk about what to do in the coming nights until the last minutes of the night.

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