Well here we go again.

To start the night Hugh feels it is time to play with something bigger then his new handguns. He takes out a military specification sniper rifle and takes a short trip out side of the city limits to practice. This will take up a good share of his night, unfortunately not quite all of it.

Paul starts the night in the mood to play with some one. This didn't entertain him for long. He heads down to the site of the warehouse fire and takes a "look" around. In this "look around" he discovered most likely the building fire started with an explosion and no other accelerants. He gives James a call to talk over what they did there. Paul has surmised that Hugh most have set off the explosion after the rest of the group left that night. After talking with James, Paul continues to look around the site for any other clues. After some time with that he goes home to clean up.

Gracey checks her e-mail and had an error with the computer that it didn't send out the e-mail replies and she spends sometime playing with that to get them out. She goes over that she is enjoying her new job, but it wasn't what she expected and asks about their cheerleading season. After spending a little more time on-line she, gives Paul a call, to see what he is up to and finds him in the shower. After a short talk they decide on meeting up at "Altered Currents" to chat.

Christian heads out to see if any of his bar friends have come up with information for him. (I relay some outside game information to him.) He stops at another club (Random Club 4) to see if there is any information here for him. At this club he meets up with Terrie, who is in on the kindred, and talks some about Vern. She relays about the fact that Vern's car was destroyed last night and it took with it a few of his ghouls. She also tell him that Vern as of yet doesn't know who did it and how. He goes back to "Open Traps" and talks with Missie and she tells him that Vern is running many businesses that she thinks are shade and some of the information she got scares her and she isn't going to do any more digging for Christian. Christian then goes to "Orange Ranger" to find out what Andrea has to tell him. When he arrives he finds Donald talking with her. Donald tells him to wait out in the bar for him. After twenty minutes of waiting, Donald leaves the back room, and motions Christian over to sit at a booth in the back. After both of them are seated Donald tells Christian that he has found out about Christian asking his mortal contacts about Vern. Donald is not upset by this, He only asks for Christian to be more discrete about who he uses, as Andrea leads back to himself far too directly for his comfort. Donald inquires about what he has been able to find out with this conversation. Most of the information that Christian has received is not new to Donald. Donald being the protective sire he is warns Christian to watch out for what Vern might do, if he finds out about Christian looking into himself. Donald also inquires about Christian new friend and how they might also be involved. Donald all the time gauging, how truthful Christian has been, with him.

Victoria stays at home going over what she learned from her meeting last night. She also finds that her sire has moved out of the apartment. Out of the blue while exploring around she gets a call from Hannah.

Hannah thinks tonight would be a good night to go out somewhere. She heads out the movie house that is near by. She just watches a kung-fu flick not that she was paying to much attention to it as there was a couple using the darkened room for other things. This was a fun game time for Hannah as she had a use for the popcorn she picked up. After leaving the movie she gives Victoria a call to see if she has an idea of some thing to do. Victoria suggests to call Gracey and Hannah makes the comment that she would rather go out into the sun. (Needless to say that starts some laugher and chatter.) Victoria gets snippy with Hannah as this is the first time she has shown any interest in anyone in the group.

This does lead into Victoria and Hannah into exploring Hannah's sire's old apartment. They both enter the apartment and see that some one else had been through and cleaned up the place to get it ready for new tenants. Hannah likes around a little closer and finds some file that where hidden in a compartment in the spare room's closet. These files seem to go over his dealing as Judex with the other Invictus in the city. They also show how Jacob had to make many concessions to others to keep Jeff out of public trouble. Victoria feels that Christian would like the information from the files, gives him a call and talks him into coming over. Victoria also asks James over to see if he may have any input on the files. Though James, a Carthian, does take a look at them he sees nothing that is of great interest to him. Christian does see names that he is familiar with, but doesn't talk much about it until later. At this moment in time Victoria, after making a few attempts, gets Hugh on the phone and has him come over, to see if he knows anything more then the rest of them. Shortly After he arrives they find that he doesn't have anything new to add about the files, but with all of this new information they start talking over what to do next.

Christian talks about how much of a pain Vern seems to be and informs the rest of the group about Vern car being attacked. This catches Hugh attention as he wants more details, but doesn't let on that he knows what caused the attack. With more talk about going to the source of the problem, Vern's haven, but the snag there is they have no clue were that might be. Though that discussion does lead them to think of the blue prints to the elysium, one of many in the city, James has in his possession. This leads them to go out on a lime and strike at the stronger kindred on the whole. James, Christian, Hugh, Hannah, and Victoria all set out to pick up the blue prints, from James', and a bomb, from Hugh's, to make ready for the run on the elysium. They arrive at the elysium Hugh obfuscates himself and the bomb to go in and set the bomb at a point determined will do the most damage to the place. After getting into the elysium Hugh starts off to find the point he predetermined in the cab and gets lost. After wondering around for awhile he finds somewhere that is familiar enough to set the bomb and still make it out of the place, so he sets the bomb and heads out of the elysium. Arriving back at the car Hugh gets in and the take off for their homes as the bomb goes of. They speed their way home to beat the sunrise.

At the club Paul and Gracey start to talk about how Gracey needs to learn how to use her body and new skills to get what she wants. They make their way back to a table and start to talk about how Gracey should be able to get what ever she wants with all the assets she has. Paul sets the task for her to find the best looking guy in the club and start dancing with him and ask him to get her a drink preferably an expensive one. She starts to ask him how to do this and he just tells her to go try, by ordering a drink and then not drinking it. The skimpy black dress she decided to ware should hurt the cause. Gracey finally makes her way onto the dance floor finding some random guy, starts to make him pliable and asks him after a short time to go and bring her a drink. He does so with out to much delay. She tries it and tells him to get something different. She flirts some more, and he chases down other drink, she again rejects it. With a little more flirting he goes over to the bar and brings back a bottle and two flutes for her. She takes them from him and leaves the dance floor, under the statement of going the restroom. After a short chat with Paul she does make the stop at the bathroom. When she leaves the bathroom she goes and sits with Paul; with apparently way more confidence as when she sits down facing Paul and straddling him. With comments on how well she did and with her not thinking to stop flirting, Paul stands up with her in his arms and heads for the car. Gracey still wrapped around him with the wine and flutes over his shoulders. They take Paul's limousine back to her place and Paul shows her what could happen next.

Ok, here is night twelve after many tries at itů

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