We started this right after night ten on the same gaming night.

Well, on this night James, Gracey, and Hannah decide that it is time for them to find some blood. (A few quick rolls and way too much chatter later, we move on.) Paul calls up some friends and has Christian over to partake in the fun. Paul was able to gather a few friends over to make the night more fun for Christian. Christian does take one of the guests off to the side. After this, Paul gives James a call to see if he would also like to have some fun and pick up Hugh on the way. This did not sound like something James wanted to do, but he gave into Paulís request. James and Hugh arrive a little later at Paulís. A short time after they arrive Christian sets out to talk with some of his contacts. At (Random bar 1) "Open Traps" he runs into Missie the head bartender and night manager and asks her about Vern to see if she had been hearing anything about him. She didn't have anything at this time, but said she would keep her ears open for anything interesting. With a little passing conversation he heads out for the next place on his route. At (Random bar 2) "Nibble" he found Vincent, the lead bouncer, and asks if he could keep an ear out for anything on Vern. Vincent tells him that there has been some talk about a car getting mangled that was tied to some Vern guy. Christian chats with him and little and heads out to the next place. At (Random bar 3) "Random Acts" he was looking for someone mortal that he knows, but instead comes across Riley. Riley tells him that Vern's Car got hit by some gang bangers. They killed two of his people and got the cops looking into why this happen so far out of "normal gang areas". It has also gotten Vern investigating what is behind this new assault on him. This gave Christian something to think about and Riley something else to get to just giving Christian a heads up.

Hannah, in the mean time, goes out for a walk. I ask about what type of walk she was going on, she just wanted to walk around the area close to her place. Not much ever comes of it. Victoria does make it to the meeting with Nadene to find that Nadene has an interest in helping Victoria along, on her way through the mine field that is coming her way. After her meeting with Nadene, Victoria gives Gracey a call to set up a place to meet to trade the file she has. As Gracey gets back to her place she checks her e-mail and finds some from her old team mates. (Check her background for info.) (I gave the player the assignment to tell me what was in the e-mail she sent back.) Gracey tries Paul, getting his voice mail, then she calls Victoria back and sets up the meeting for trading the file. Victoria tells Gracey she will give it back, but Gracey will owe her a favor later. After this short meeting, Gracey takes the last file back to the office. At this point in Hannahís walk, I throw in that she notices that another vampire is in the area around her. She continues to walk around. After Gracey was done taking the files back the question of did she make copies of the files and after having a roll decide, I go with, she made copies of the important information. Victoria accepts that and leaves her alone. Gracey heads back to her haven, but decides along the way to stop at a park close by for so time to contemplate resent events. This leads into more mostly out of game chatter. During Graceyís walk in the park, she meets up with a Nosferatu named Mithy. They have a short talk that ends without much resolution in the conversation.

We wrap up the night with everyone heading back to their havens for the next days rest.

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