Ok, I am going to try and get another one of these nights out, soon I hope to be caught up with the game so these show up shortly after the night we play them on. So here we go…

On this night every one was at the game and we start with them awaking from their daily rest. (I like this way of starting as it gives the players a little time to settle in to their characters.) I as start by giving everyone the information that they found last week, that I finally figured out not that it was all the complete it was a good start. They also found out more about their sires, not that it was real complete. Paul and Christian have some discussion over the phone about what to do with the body they "found" yesterday. Gracey called Victoria to see if she had any plans for the night or here something from Paul. Hugh was bored do to having nothing to do so he heads down to a firing range to indulge his interest in firearms and explosives. Victoria starts to go through her sire's computer to see what has happened to he money in resent times. About this time Hugh's player gets informed about what happened last week. Paul feeds some more, by playing with his food in his "study". Invites Christian over about this time James gives Paul a call to invite him out to meet with his contact from the city and a club called "Blue Lighting", not that they find out this name before they enter to talk with this contact to give him the information from the blue prints that they found yesterday. Hannah figures that it is time for her to relax in her hot tub. While Gracey thinks watching TV would be fun. (This to me is a good thing they finally know that these characters are people and have lives.) When they enter the club I give them a short description of the place that includes the fact that the place is heavily populated by males. (I wish that I could have done it with a straight face. Though it did cause a short laugh session.) James tries to explain that this is not the normal meeting places which Paul doesn't buy right away, but slowly goes along with it. Victoria calls James shortly after he made to the bar and tells him about some addresses that she found on her sire's computer. They take a seat in the club and wait a short time for James' contact to show up. As soon as James' contact, Kelvin, shows up James make apologies to him for Paul's behavior, of course Paul is a little defensive about it, but lets it slide for now. Kelvin being less then enthused by his job, figures that he can get to it tomorrow. James orders a drink for Kelvin and sits at talks for awhile. Gracey calls Paul abut this time and wants James to give her a call. (Though it may have had more to do with OOC, it did have some in game reasons.) Paul calls Hannah to hear a female voice he can stand and makes some comments that are offensive to the club patronage. Kelvin makes note of the apology made earlier and leaves the table. This gives people in the club reasons not to like him any more. Christian spouts out so off comment that would make some one of that persuasion mad and gets smacked for the trouble. James goes to the "bathroom" to get away from the table. This sets Paul off with some more comments that get the attention of others in the club and the floor manager comes over to the table to tell them "You're out of here." This doesn't impress Paul, so he continues to sit there as the three bouncers show up at the table. Two of these guys pick him off of his seat and start to drag him out. Paul of course finds this rather unsettling and fights back. The last one hangs by the table for a short time until Paul starts to get the advantage in the ensuing fight. This brawl goes through a few stages of Paul pushing them around and then the bouncers team up on him all time moving Paul closer to the door. I give James the chance to hear the cops coming, he does and starts to try and talk Christian and Paul who is still fighting the bouncers that is time to leave. They do make it out of there in time not to be caught by the cops. While all this was going on Hugh has progressed to putting C4 on the targets instead of just shooting them, and Gracey had gone out for a walk. While in the limousine James starts to chastise Paul about his behavior, Paul makes excuses. Gracey's Player thinks to ask if she can walk to any of the address from the files and told her no. (More do to not having ant thing in mind for any of them then the location.) Christian calls Gracey after he gets dropped off and finds out what was in the files and that they should meet to go over it the next night. Gracey then calls Victoria, Hannah, Paul, and Hugh to set up a time to meet the next day to go over all of the collected information. Paul and Hugh start to talk about what to do with the body, Hugh first idea is to blow the body up. They all set it up that they will meet up the next night. Gracey and James finally talk and James rips into her about how she could have passed on through the other people. Paul drops off every one he has in the limousine and heads home to talk with his sire. Dianna give him the march orders to find who is trying to help the old prince back into power and tell him to mull this over.

Every one takes the daily rest and is safe for another few hours of their unlives. It was a short game night that we got a lot done in. I found my self hopeful that the game time will start to be used better.

Till Later….

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