In further efforts to get caught up with the game I am going to try and get this out quick. Again not every thing stays in the order that it happened, thou I do try and keep it close.

We all meet for the gaming night and chat for sometime and then get down to the business of playing. They all awake from there daily rest and start with the chatter. From with in this they decide to meet up and go over what they have found so far. Paul sends out the limousine to pick everyone up. (Damn Limousine.) As they pick up Gracey, the last of the group, they start to talk over what they have found and been told that they need to do. They go over all of the information that I had given Gracey from the files and what Victoria discovered from Robert's computer system. As some of the information over lapped they made a plan to go and check out a warehouse that Victoria "owned". This was not whole heartedly accepted by the group, but it was something to do so they all went along with it. The limousine pulls up in front of the warehouse and every piles out and goes over to the closest door only to find it locked. They all start talk to each other about how to get in as Hannah steps over to the lock and picks it quickly. (Who would have thought the school teacher would be the best one a picking locks. The only thing scarier was the fact that her player got involved in the game.) This prompts the crew in to entering the building. I have them a do a "taint" check, and of course Gracey has to be the one to fail it. Gracey goes running back to the limousine with Hugh going after her because Paul told him to go get her. Ass I am telling them of the other vampires with in the warehouse, Victoria gets the bonus of knowing that Robert is in here with them. Gracey of course doesn't want anything to do with going inside of the warehouse. Paul gives Gracey a call, not paying much heed to the feelings that he is getting, to tell her to get out of his limousine. She does this as Hugh gets to the limousine and starts to try and get her back into the warehouse with the rest of them. A short struggle later and Gracey is calling a cab to get away from this place and Hugh start to head back to the ware house were the rest of the group is now being held by some very unhappy elders. (See the "Meeting of Donald Riddel, Robert Bonnell, Riley Corgan, and Reed Veits" for more details.) Robert tells Hugh as he is about to enter to shut the door thou the dominate fails just be told is good enough for Hugh as he shuts the door. The cab for Gracey shows up, as she getting in she yells a Hugh to see if he wants a ride, Hugh declines the offer preferring to wait for the rest of the group. After a little conversation and a bit of a hug the elders let every one go with the admonishing that they do not look any further into the power struggles of the New and Old prince. Gracey take the cab to a club to try and sort thing out. Once at the club another vampire was already there she tries to get nearer to this one to see what he is doing, but he always stays just out of reach. After this little walk around she decides to go home and call every one. These conversions go over poorly as every one basically blows her off and is pissed because she left save Hugh who does not care one way or the other. This is upsetting to Gracey as she wants everyone to be her friend. The group has at this point has given up on the whole go on a mission thing and thinks that it would be great idea to just travel around the city looking for something else to do. As this degrades into idle banter I hurry the night along and they all retreat into to their havens for their day's rest and another few safe hours of unlife.

There ends yet another night of this game. I am just waiting to see what happens next time…

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