Ok so I took a few days off to rest my wrists, sue me. This night we got some more hooks out there and a few mysteries added to the mix though it wasn't planned that way.

We get there and have to wait for the last player to show up. He had to make an unexpected stop to help some one on the side of the road who had car troubles. The pain of living in Minnesota. Everyone gets settled in and I start the game like normal having them awake from their daily rest. A couple of quick feeds and off into the night we go. Victoria thinks that there could be more information on Robert's computer and goes digging into it. (A great roll with her Computer + Intelligence and I need to come up with something quick.) I filling in some of the blanks that I had left last week and gave her some more information about her sire's business dealings, throwing in addresses that may matter later. An address to a bar that will come in to play later in the night and in the game hopefully. After a phone call to James to discuss the information she found she has the bright idea that she wants a copy of all the e-mails that he gets and forwarding a copy to another e-mail to hide the fact she is looking at them. (Damn should have made that roll harder for her.) (I also finish giving out addresses that others had found to fill in more of the blanks that I had left. Though I do make a few mistakes on the continuity of the information that I give at this time it gets corrected later in the night.) This leads James and Victoria to get together at the bar address from the information. Gracey and Paul talk some about the information Paul got from his contact. Paul pawns that off until later not wanting to repeat himself for the rest of the group. Christian and Hugh talk about what to do for the night and end up waiting to see what ideas Paul has for the night. Christian talks to Paul and gets some of the information out of him. Gracey has been call around trying to make amends for leaving the other night. After a lot of talking Paul, Christian, Hugh, and Gracey all plan to get together so that they can help quell Paul curiosity. Victoria and James arrive at the bar and figure out that this is were they meant Hugh. They go in to take a better look around, to find that the crowd is not that different from the last time. About this time the limousine starts its rounds to pick up everyone who is still at home. With some more investigating they find a locked door that doesn't seem to belong were it is. They check it carefully, smelling gunpowder, Victoria then picks the lock and they proceed to go down into the basement on the bar to find a firing range. As they enter the range the others enter the bar. Using a "taint" check all but Gracey enter with out a problem, though Paul does go back to bring her in. Though do to the timing Victoria and James disappear into the basement shortly after the other enter so they can't find were that "taint" feeling came from. Paul, Christian, Hugh, Gracey, and Hannah stay in the bar looking around at what is in there. Gracey finds the dart board and starts to try to convince the two drunks to let her play. About this time they are looking around at the range and decide that they need to talk with Hugh about this place. They head for the bar feeling the others James was a little hesitant about enter the bar until he hears Gracey's voice though the door. Hugh tries to keep Gracey from causing a scene in the bar by talking her out of it. Christian using Dominate tells one of the guys to let her play as Paul just tries some go old fashion intimidation on the other and they give Gracey the darts and go off drinking. As James and Victoria enter the bar they say some hellos and ask Hugh out side to talk. They get outside and he tells them that this is a place that he comes a lot to blow off steam. This NPC that I had added as a lark the night they meet Hugh makes another showing. This was one of the things that had brought Paul back to this bar. (It is just something to add some fun to the game and who knows on night she mite end up dead.) James, Victoria, and Hugh enter the bar again to get the rest of the group to take them to another place to look for some clues. After a short decision they all go out side and fight about not taking the limousine to this other address as it would draw a lot of unneeded attention. They do end up in two cabs and make their way to the address that ends up being the building were Hannah's haven is. (Though Hannah didn't know it was her place until I spilled it to her after they were there and thinking about breaking in.) They get to the address and start to take a look at it and mention that they may need to break in and Hannah pipes up with why don't we use my key. They all stare at her and she goes you never asked. They enter the building and go up to Hannah's haven take a quick look at her place and then have her show them to her Thomas's haven on the top floor. Hannah takes Victoria to his place and she picks the lock and enters the apartment and heads straight for the office and the computer to check it out and see what she can find. Not finding too much she sets-up another e-mail forwarded and leaves it alone. (At this point I really start to think that I should not have sent them the link to THE CHRONICLES OF MICHELLE at http://www.forumchronicles.dk/ . That damn gazebo keeps popping into the conversation.) They start to talk about going to break into yet another place, but time is running out. (The game night was just about over, so I didn't want to start too much.)

Every one goes home in the cabs and they are safe for yet another night. I do answer a few questions as to how XP gets awarded and used. Then we talk about when we mite do D&D next and if the other vampire players would like to play that. With a little more chatter we all collect our things and head for home.

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