We start the night with our normal amount of bull shitting and quick snack that seems to last about a hour to a hour and a half. Which I don't mind, but would I would like to see it cut down a bit if possible so that maybe we could get more then one night in during the night of play.

So like most gaming nights they all wake-up to start the night. Victoria checks the e-mail traps that she set up and got that information. She didn't get too much new, just a few more piece of the puzzle that doesn't yet make much sense to her. Gracey gives Paul a call and sets up going out for the night. They head back to the club that they went to the first night. While this conversion was going on Victoria give Christian a call about a few the e-mails that she read. She asked about Andrea Willson who sent an e-mail about a problem at her club, "Orange Ranger". She also talks about an e-mail that Robert sent to Donald to have him kept on a tighter leash. Christian a little confuse at this told her that his sire does believe in computers so how would he get this e-mail. Paul and Gracey meet up at the club and start to talk about what is going on around them. Victoria after getting off the phone with Christian calls James and talks about how Thomas is most likely have some financial problems and asks him out to a club. Then Paul calls Christian to come to the club with him and Gracey. In the middle of that call Hugh calls to see if he wants to do something to night. Paul and Gracey talk at the club some and Gracey inquires about the wet bar. Paul takes her out to the limousine to take a drink. James and Victoria decided to go check out "Orange Ranger" and when they get there they have a bit of a surprise. (They have to make Taint check.) This made them perk up and take notice, James sees the vampire, to him a good looking girl and Victoria also see her and notices that she wasn't what she appeared to be. They get a table and talk over some more of the details that they have colleted during the past night. Gracey and Paul head back into the club with Gracey loosened up from a few spiked glasses of blood. About this time Christian and Hugh show up. They found each other and talked shortly then Gracey after some convincing gets Paul to go onto the dance floor. These two make a quite a pair heading to the floor and get a number of looks. (Both have the Striking Looks merit.) (After a bit of OOC talk they all start to get back to the game.) I tell Victoria and James more about the Vampire that is in the club with them. Christian and Hugh talk some about what a pair Gracey and Paul make in the dance floor. The best comment made was, Christian saying "What a pair those two make," with the reply from Hugh being, "Just like brother and sister". (Read Hugh background you'll see why that was so funning and right in character for him.) Gracey and Paul will end up talking the night away on the dance floor. (Hannah although the player what at the game there was little input from her.) After spending some time at the club talking, Victoria and James decide to check out one of the other addresses that they have. With a short cab ride to a difference warehouse they go in and have a look around. This is the one they had blueprints for although they did not bring them with they do notice that the office area is not as big as it should be. They start checking it out Victoria takes a crack at the computer system and finds the shipping and receiving logs, but not much else. After some searching the find the spot in the office that there should be a door but is not. They rip down the drywall and find a steel wall behind it. They give Hugh a call to see if he will come out and help get through the wall. Hugh asks Christian to see if he wants to go with, Christian in turn asks Paul if he wants to do this. Paul makes the observation that it getting close to sunrise this sets Christian off into not being included yesterday. Paul tells Hugh that he won't be responsible for taking Hugh there and not being able to take him home. Hugh takes stock of all of the options and takes a cab to the warehouse. While this was taking place at the club Victoria finds a torch to try and cut though the wall. After a few checks to see if they can find a way of using it out they start to cut through the wall. This is a slow process for Victoria so when Hugh does get there she only has a four inch slot in the wall. Hugh takes stock of what they have as Victoria continues to cut through the wall. (With way too much OOC about that the effects of a small amount of C4 and the Adeline tank would do to the wall.) In the end they don't try to blow out the wall but they do make a big enough hole to see through and see the body of a vampire in the room that seems to only have a sewer entrance. They couldn't tell who it was and end up leaving it in shambles and going home. Thus we ended the gaming night with Paul dropping off everyone he had with him and the rest making it home on their own safely.

With little chatter we all head home for the night with yet another night gone. Well hopefully I can get more up soon.

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