About three weeks ago I did some one on one storytelling with most of the players to give some more information about the world around them and spark some more interest in the game. I put up the preface texts that I used in these for the most part. In this I am moving onto what happened after those little events. I am hoping for the players to write what happened in those events and their reactions to it. Now on with the show…

As Gracey leaves her place of capture, she heads directly to her haven to retrieve the files that she had stolen a few nights earlier, only to take the files back to the office that they came from. Victoria heads for her haven to see what is left of all the information that she has been accumulating in the past nights. Christian exits the back room of the club his sire had put him in and heads out to see if he can find out some more information on Vern. James, in a huff about what his sire has told him, decides that there is little to do but wait and see. Hugh gets proactive and goes out to a "friend's" place and has a talk with this friend about "some thing he over heard a few nights ago". Paul after getting himself let go by one of the resident servants, goes on the prowl for some release. Gracey, on the trip home, remembers that Victoria had taken one of the files from her and gives her a call. Victoria, not being in the mood for requests, gives her the brush off, even with Gracey making promises that may get her in too deep for her own good, to get the files back. As she makes her way into her apartment, Gracey gathers all of the files that she has and takes a cab back to the office that they came from. After dropping off the files she needs to relax and heads out to the club they had went to a little over a week ago "Altered Currents". (Gracey will be there for some time as the rest of the group spends time this night.)

Victoria makes it to her haven to find that her sire's office is cleaned out and much of her office has been gone through, but not much has been taken. This makes her take stock of her computer files, noticing that her e-mail traps are not being any thing back to her. She does, however, have an e-mail from Nadene Karmel asking her to call. (Check listing for info on Nadene) After some thought, Victoria does give Nadene a call to see what is on her mind. Nadene just asks for Victoria to meet her tomorrow at an art museum that is protected. Victoria finds little fault in this plan and makes the arrangements. After this she makes a call to Hugh.

Christian heads to the "Orange Ranger" to see if he can get any thing from there, stops at the bar to talk with Jacob, the bartender, locate were Andrea is. Jacob questions why Christian has not been around the place, to make some chatter and gives him the nod to head into the backroom to go see Andrea. Arriving at the office, he waits a moment before he gets noticed, as she was deep in paper work. He gets right to the point and asks her about Vern to see if she has herd anything. She mentions that Vern is not one to frequent this type of place and he tens to be all, holier then thou, about it. Christian then heads out. A short time after Christian finds a place to take care of his hunger; he gets a call from Hugh inviting him over to play with some new toys.

Hugh heads over a few blocks and finds one of his friends that he has had some less then legal dealings with. Hugh gets to the "office", a back bedroom in a less then nice apartment complex, and talks with Samuel about this things he has been hearing, out on the street about this guy Vern that keeps mouthing off about how he is going to clean up around here and send Samuel and his friend packing. This makes Samuel less then happy to hear, but thankful for the heads up. Hugh tries to play it off as nothing to big and that Samuel can pay him later, but Samuel will have nothing to do with that and wants to pay right away. Samuel doesn't like owing debts. He heads to the back room and grabs a few things, a 50 cal, a modified AK, and a pair of Beretta P92s that have been turned into full auto handguns and have 30 round mags. (Don't need to say anything about that.) Hugh looking at them decides on those Berettas, and gives Samuel his thanks. Hugh having his new toys head straight to "Shit Hole" to test his new toys. After playing for a while, he gives Christian a call to see if he possibly wants to come and play also. Christian makes his way over and gets to test the new hardware. After Christian gets a few tries, Hugh gets a call from Victoria and invites her down, also. Victoria arrives and takes her turn with the new toys. The night was getting ready to creep into day light so everyone decides to head home.

Paul, hanging for awhile in the "study" before being let down by one of the servants, decides that it is time to find some thing to play with. This provides him with a distraction for a while. After cleaning up, he gives his PI, Adam Holt, a call and leaves a message to have him look into that warehouse fire from a few nights ago. Hanging up from his call to Adam, Paul was still felling restless and decides to head out to his normal haunt "Altered Currents". He arrives there a short time after Gracey had gotten there. Feeling the presence of another vampire, he looks around, but does not find a face to go with the felling. Paul, being himself, just looks for a great looking piece of flesh heads out onto the dance floor and starts dancing with whatever looked the best. Gracey, having noticed Paul when he came in, makes her way over to him, scaring away the person he started to dance with. They chat about a few things before Gracey wants to take a table so they can talk better. They make their way off the floor and to a table and sit for a short time before Gracey start to talk about how they should continue to explore their relationship. Paul manages to be polite for a short time before getting bored with it. The day was coming soon so it gave him an easy way to get out of the chat without hurting Gracey feelings to much.

Well the make it back to their havens and we start the next night…

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